Pastor Brad – Break Out!
Roxx Records 2010

As far as I know, this is Pastor Brad’s first non-instrumental album.  While he sings on a couple of tracks himself, he’s mostly gathered a bunch of guest vocalists for the release, a la Liberty ‘n’ Justice.  Unlike Liberty ‘n’ Justice however, Break Out! is a solid hard rock album from start to finish. Each song sounding like a modern 80’s classic!

Pastor Brad really knows how to shred on guitar, occasionally reminding me of Megadeth and Iron Maiden, if only briefly.  The rest of the time is nothing to sneer at either, with leads and riffs all over the place.   I’d love to hear his instrumental work, as most of the songs on this album are structured to showcase the vocalists over the guitar work.  There are quite a few amazing guitar parts which are sadly drowned out by the vocals.

As for the vocalists, they range from the very well known Les Carlson (Bloodgood) to the little known Rachel Anne (Iron Majesty), who happens to come from my city of Perth!  Many of you will recognize the voices of Ken Tamplin and Norm Ski (Faith Factor) as well as Chaz Bond (Jacob’s Dream), plus a few others.  Each vocalist does a terrific job, nothing half-hearted.  The vocalists add the real variety to this album, making each track sound a little different, while still being held together with PB’s signature guitar work.

My personal favorite track is “We Win”, featuring Chaz Bond.  It’s the ‘heaviest’ track, with the grittiest vocals, but still fits in perfectly with the album.  Other standouts are “He Loves Me”, “Cold Blooded Killer” and the title track.


Reviewed by Rowland Gwynne