In January 2012 Untombed was purchased by Pittsburgh, PA based XNilo Records. With new ownership, Untombed has been revived with a new vision and a new staff of people that work hard and freely give of their time to bring you the best in Christian metal and rock. There is no affiliations with prior affiliate companies or owners.

Untombed Webzine is a free premium webzine-resource for fans of Christian Metal and Hard Rock! We offer News, Interviews, Reviews and 24/7 Online Radio.

-Our goal is to offer a high quality website for both bands and supporters of Christian rock and metal.
-Our visitors will find that we support the indie scene as much as the national scene. Both types of artists are on equal footing at Untombed.
-Our readers will also find that we are rich in content through our excellent reviews (albums and movies), interviews and news updates.


    David Michael
Position: Co-Owner, Editor, PR, Webmaster
Bio: David has been part of the Christian Indie music scene for many years both as a musician and entrepreneur. When he’s not working at his label, XNilo Records, you can find him recording with his Christian symphonic-metal band, Promise Land or many of his other solo projects. Ministry is Dave’s passion in everything he gets involved in and desires nothing more than to see God use these outlets to reach people for the kingdom. Dave resides in Pennsylvania happily married to Janette, his wife of 13 years.
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Position: Co-Owner, Advertsing, PR, Interviewer
Bio: Janette resides in Pennsylvania where she has been part of the Christian Indie rock/metal scene in her area as both a promoter and supporter. She is accredited for her work with the band Promise Land, as well as Prophetik Noize and Forgiven. Her passions have always been to serve God and assist bands working in the ministry of Christian metal and rock.
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       Janette Ralston


  Jeff de los Santos

Station Manager, Interviewer and Album Reviewer
Bio: As Untombed Radio’s station manager and  DJ, Jeff de los Santos has been a member of Untombed for several years, contributing many album reviews and band interviews.
Having been a part of Christian Metal since the early 80’s as a fan and supporter, Jeff’s musical taste have expanded as the genres of Christian metal has increased. Jeff resides in Texas with his wife of over 15 years, Lynda.
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Station Assistant, Interviewer and Advertising
Bio: Dale is a father of 5 daughters and 1 son with his wife Cheryl of 18 years. They have 6 granddaughters plus 3 grandsons. He loves the idea of a big family. Dale has been involved in the Christian Rock and Metal scene since he got saved in 1993. His collection of Christian cds reaches nearly 6000 albums and still growing. In 2007, His passion for Christian music lead him to start his own radio show called, Metal Pulse Radio.
Visit: Metal Pulse Radio

         Dale Huffman


    Sieto Kooijker
Position: Album & Movie Reviewer
Bio: Sieto resides in the Netherlands where he works as a mentor for the disabled. He has been active in the Christian music scene since 1995 and has also worked for one of the biggest Christian music labels in Europe. Apart from being a huge music lover, he is also a big movie fan. One of Sieto’s passions is to write movie reviews that inform the public about many great independent films that might not get noticed otherwise. Aside from writing for Untombed, he also has his own movie blog and ccm zine-site.
Visit: Kooijker Blog and CCM Focus


Album Reviewer
Bio:Tom fell in love with Christian Rock/Metal at the age of 13 when introduced to such bands as Petra and Whitecross. At the age of 14, Tom began playing drums at school in ‘band class’ with his influences being Robert Sweet and Mike Portnoy. He grew up as a “Marine brat” and had traveled the world over before he was even in Middle School. Later, Tom also served his country in the USAF from 1992-1998. He now resides in Maryland, happily married to his wife of 18yrs with their 3 daughters.
Visit: Headbanging For God

          Tom Metcalf


        Bill Roxx
Position: News, Reviewer, Interviewer
Bio: Bill came to the Christian Music scene by way of Sanctuary International as a teenager in the late 80’s and early 90’s; learning and studying for years as a part of Sanctuary South Bay under Pastor Bob Beeman. In 2002 Bill launched Roxx Productions after a successful venture planning and promoting the Stryper Expo in Azusa California in 2001. It became apparent to Bill that God wanted him to be a part of the ever growing and changing Christian music scene, to support and assist both the older artists and the newer artists.
Visit: Roxx Production


Album Reviewer
Bio: Back in 1984, Eric began as a fan of CCM until a friend of his played the song “White Noise” from the Rez Band Live Bootleg album for him. Since then, he has developed an insatiable appetite for hard and heavy music of all styles with a Christian orientation. He is married and the father of two small boys. He recently earned his PhD in musicology from the University of Kentucky with a dissertation on Christian metal (Unlocking the Paradox of Christian Metal Music.)

       Eric Strother





Buried Yesterday – Only Salvation For Us (2008)

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Genre: Death Metal/ Hardcore/ Thrash Track Listing: Intro Torture Room What the Life Waited of Me Only Salvation for Us There’s Nothing to Surrender Frustrated Attempts DOWNLOAD
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Sotahuuto – Various Tracks

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Genre: Metal/ Hardcore (Various tracks are available for download. This is not an album.) DOWNLOAD
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Blood Covenant – The Day of Lord (2003)

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Genre: Symphonic Black Metal/ Death Metal Track Listing: The Day of Lord Blood of Redemption Horns of Jericho Messiah The Old Cross The King of Zion Fall Babylon, Fall DOWNLOAD Expired link,  check the new post for details
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NeverDead – Various Tracks

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Genre: Death Metal (Various tracks are available for download below.) DOWNLOAD
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