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Dale Huffman
Christian rock
Interview: Saving Darkness
March 2nd, 2016
Interview: Reign By: Dale Huffman I was talking to Frankie Bull on facebook about playing his band’s music music on Metal Pulse Radio. As we were talking I thought it
Interview: Empire 21
April 6th, 2015
Interview: EMPIRE 21 By: Yvonne Empire 21, A surprising new band from Sweden. We know most members from other bands like Narnia, Darkwater and Harmony. How did the idea came
Jarrod Grumblatt
Interview: Reign
November 5th, 2014
Interview: Reign By: Dale Huffman I love to interview indie bands from my home state Michigan. So I had a chance to talk to Jarrod Grumblatt & Kari Stein of
Dale Huffman
Four Star Revival
Interview: Four Star Revival
October 20th, 2014
Interview: Four Star Revival By: Dale Huffman Thank you for hanging with the Metal Pulse Radio rock community! It is great to have you here, Benny! Thank you for having
Dale Huffman
Flawed by Design
Interview: Flawed by Design
October 14th, 2014
Interview: Flawed by Design By: Dale Huffman I had a great chance to catch up with some of the members of Flawed by Design talk about the band what is
Dale Huffman
Interview: The Brave
September 1st, 2014
Interview: The Brave By: Dale Huffman This is an exciting time for the band and a lot people are pretty amped up about your new Album “Rise”. I’d love for
Amanda Shobe
Interview: Two Dragons
August 25th, 2014
Interview: Two Dragons By: Dale Huffman I have been playing Two Dragons a Metal band out of Ohio on Metal pulse radio for about after they release there Self Title
20 Shades
Interview: 20 Shades
January 9th, 2014
Interview:  20 Shades By: Dale Huffman Can you provide a brief history of the band and how it was formed? (Davey ) – James contacted me about doing some work
Chris Hull
Interview: Every Knee Shall Bow
December 9th, 2013
Interview: Every Knee Shall Bow By: Dale Huffman Can you tell us about Every Knee Bow? When did you guys get started? Who is in the band? Every Knee Shall
Janette Ralston
Chris Dickens
Interview: Mission of One
November 15th, 2013
Interview: Mission Of One [Chris Dickens] By: Janette Ralston [Mission of One is a unique band that has been in the Christian indie-music scene for quite a few years. 19