Aggelos has a new album out and I talk with them about the album and the band and what it’s mission is. Enjoy this new band and this interview.

1. Thanks for your time could you tell us about Aggelos? How did you guys come up with the name?

Natalia and Miranda were searching for a name for the band, and found the greek name Aggelos, which means Messenger, envoy, one who is sent, an angel, a messenger from God. We think that we have a message to give, and by this way we consider ourselves messengers.

2. Who are your musical influences?

Many and from diverse styles: Virgin Black, Extol, Antestor, Epica, Haggard, Therion, and many others.

3. What is the mission of Aggelos?

To express our visión of life, through poetic words and metal music. We believe that the human being lives ripped in time, thrown in the world, and is called by the Divine to find a meaning for existence. In Latin America, the injustices and violence destroy our sense of life. Music is a way to express the pain, but also hope that we can find life and not live according to the logic of evil which is internal but also structural.

4. What is the music scene in Columbia like? Is there a lot of Christian bands?

There is a big culture in rock and metal music. We have great musicians, and massive concerts, like Rock al Parque (Bogotá) or Altavoz (Medellín).

In the Christian scene, there are a lot of bands, with many styles and Christian ideologies. Many of them are our friends, and we meet them at Christian festivals.

5. You just released Mantos Purpureos on Black Metal Underground. How did you hook up with them? Where can people buy the cd?

We hooked up with them through Eirene Records, a Latin American Label that has given us the opportunity to connect with other labels.

You can find the cd on the internet in the USA and Latin America, or directly from us.

6. What are the main lyrical themes of the Mantos Purpureos album?

The songs lament the human situation that we have to see in the world. We spoils of violence, “battered bones,” cries of the night. “Therefore we believe that “crimson robes (Mantos Purpúreos) wear our land”.

Express a human being looking for a God that religion is a doctrine hide the guilt or legalism, but that is not there.

To find God in hope, in celebration of life, community, poetry and music. Therefore we can say “We sing from the great womb of life, groan with metal rim, we emerge from the glance that sees us, because history is woven in eternity” (Mantos Purpúreos song).

7. You have a nice mix of Doom, Gothic and even a hint of Death metal to your music. How do you balance all of the different elements to get that nice flow that your music has?

Perhaps for different tastes and influences of each member of the band. A few we like hard sounds, other sounds softer and slower. About the pianos and keyboards, and other guitars and batteries. We try to incorporate the diversity of what we are in our music.

8. My favorites that I have heard are Cruel Silencio and Vagas Singuia could you tell us what those songs are about? Was there any thing in particular that inspired these two songs?

Cruel silencio began at a time of immense solitude, when Jonathan felt isolated from everything that made ‌‌me happy, and in the midst of sadness was born a cry to the Lord. And when John wrote a poem in one night I could not sleep, far from expressing what he feels of things that dreams, while known to have close. It’s a song full of nostalgia and hope.

Sin guía is a song that invites people to find meaning in life in a world of nonsense. It was written by Miranda and Natasha to show that the forms of existence has lived well, even if the door is small.

9. Thanks again for your time do you have any final thoughts for the fans?

Thanks for listening and valuing our work. In an attempt to identify with a human being who seeks God, but religion often away from it. But as Jesus said the kingdom of God is near. Must be found in our experience ripping and hope.

We invite you to participate in this musical reflection in Mantos Purpúreos Aggelos develops, and in this celebration, the Psychodelia of a liberated people singing life even in the midst of death.


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