Antithesis - Dreaming RealityAntithesisDreaming Reality
Independent – 2010

Nine years have passed since Antithesis released an album.  But they have not lost a step since Dying For Life came out in 2001.  They return with Dreaming Reality which is a bombast of American power metal.  Starting with the opening lines from “The Madness”, you can hear that Antithesis is back in full form and just as tight musically as possible.  The dual guitar attack of Paul Konjicija and Sean Perry shred through every song while Brian Glodde on bass and Paul Kostyack on drums provide the solid backbone.  And vocalist Matt Adkins shows us his power and range on every song without ever letting down.  Kostyack’s drumming really shines on “Endless Circle” with intricate drumming one second and then ripping a ridiculously fast beat the next.  And the song “The Prophecy” really shows how tight the band is.  The song has several complex time changes and they never miss a beat, changing gears with ease.  The song “Dreaming Reality” has an almost hypnotic feel to it, leading you down the path with its siren’s song.  “Venom Divine” is another elaborate arrangement with its amazing cadence, the exchanging guitar solos and Adkins’ amazing range all being showcased.  “The Bleeding” has an almost Middle Eastern feel to it at the beginning.  And then it goes back into the straight-up American power metal for which Antithesis is known.  The pure metal assault continues with “Final Season” with its lively rhythms.  “Blue” has an almost Stevie Rai Vaughn-type opening before kicking into back into gear.  You can definitely hear the bluesy guitar sound throughout the song.  The album finishes with “Breaking My Will” which was available several years ago.  But this version has been punched up quite a bit with some layered vocals and the guitars sounding a bit more crunchy.  It is definitely a signature Antithesis song.  If you’re looking for quality American power metal, look no further than Antithesis’ latest – Dreaming Reality.


Reviewed by Jeff de los Santos