Thanks for taking the time for an interview. Why don’t you give a quick history of the band?

No problem. Its a pleasure. I had a vision to form a unique band that would blend different styles into one full sound. In 2000 we were discovered by “Rowe Productions”. We released our debut album “The Mark Bleeds Through” in 2001. We immediately went on tour with Mortification. During that time there was a huge buzz going on about us.

Many people felt that we were going to eventually become one of the bigger names in the scene. By this time we were headlining at secular night clubs on a regular basis around our local area with much success. We left “Rowe Productions” to accept an offer from a new label that was supposed to give us a lot more exposure. A second album was written and planned but the new label never came through. We eventually disbanded in 2005 shortly after I joined Jacobs Dream.

How did the name Biogenesis come about?

Back in 96, 97 I was really focused on battling the theories of atheism. I was reading a book and I came across the scientific term Biogenesis which states that “living things can only be produced by other living things”. I felt that it was the perfect name.

What brought about the renewal of Biogenesis? and is the vision of the band the same as it was before?

Well after all those years of knowing how close we were to releasing a great sophomore album it was difficult to escape feeling like I left something entirely incomplete. Guitarist James Riggs was always trying to talk me into a reunion but I just didn’t think I would have the time.   In 09 however we were offered a deal with “Retroactive Records” to re-issue the first album as well as releasing a brand new reunion album. For some reason that was never really explained to us the deal was never fulfilled by the label in spite of a contract. So just recently I had requested a release so that we could join a new label. Now we are with “Soundmass” out of Australia and the new album will be coming soon at last.

As far as our vision is concerned I suppose you could say that is pretty much the same. I still want to be a positive influence on those who listen to us. That is always important to me. i guess that the biggest difference between then and now is that I do not know the immediate future of the band following this release. That is something that we will have to wait and see.

Is it difficult to balance working between Jacob’s Dream and Biogenesis?

Not really. I am actually in three bands. I have another band called “Human Paradox” as well. Each band has a day for rehearsals and what not. I just balance things out the best way that I can. Honestly JD only plays about ten shows a year. I prefer to be playing Live nearly every weekend so it kind of all works out for me this way.

What were the musical influences of the original lineup and what are the musical influences now?

If you combine all of our individual influences it is actually endless. I grew up listening to bands with melodic vocalist such as Deliverance, Iron Maiden and so on. However I also had a background in heavier music which is why I chose to combine all the vocal styles. No one was doing anything like that in 2001. That really gave us an edge and made us stand out above the usual run of the mill bands of the time. It seemed that so many bands were just copying each other. We wanted to sound like no one but ourselves.

James grew up listening to bands like Cannibal Corpse and Death but he was also into some of the ballad stuff such as early Mettallica and so forth.. Nevin brought with him a modern edge. He was always into Disturbed and many of the main stream bands. When you combine all of our styles Biogenesis is the result. It is entirely intentional. I cannot say that our influences have changed much if at all between then and now.

The mark bleeds through was released in 2001 with some pretty thought provoking and in your face lyrics will it be the same with the new album?

Always. I view being the front man as an opportunity to speak your mind. I created Bio for that specific purpose. When I write about something I tell you what I think. People do not have to agree with me but my lyrics will always be honest and true to what I think and believe. That will never change.

How will the new album be different from the 1st both musically and lyrically?

Well we don’t really focus on making an album to be different or the same compared to The Mark. We just simply write what comes out of our hearts and minds at the time and that includes the lyrics. If something has been weighing heavily on my mind I might write a song about it. This new album I would say generally touches on the personal more than world issues. We have a song called “Never” and its about someone who is trying to over come memories of abuse. The song “Hatred Seed” is about UN forgiveness and bitterness. The song ” The Darkness Fades” is about holding your head up high during very difficult times.

Musically I cant really say its different but I cant say that its the same. Its a different record. We still have elements of modern grooves, melodic vocals, heavy vocals, ballads etc. Its still very Biogenesis. That’s all I can say. No holds barred. No rules. No restrictions. For us traditions are there to build from and not to be bound by.

The 1st album was a pretty unique mix of thrash and goth. Will The new album continue in that style or will there be and infusion of other genres as well?

Honestly the whole goth thing was kind of a miss understanding. I hope that this does not disappoint anyone but its true. My natural singing range is very close to Jimmy Brown of Deliverance. However when we recorded the first album the guitars were tuned much lower than what we had been doing live. This forced me to sing in a lower range through out the entire record.

This made people assume that I was trying to sound like Saviour Machine or something. It didn’t help that the label just happened to choose a Live photo with me wearing a Saviour Machine T shirt on stage. Don’t get me wrong I like them but I was never hoping to sound like them. On this new album you will hear me in my natural range much like you hear me in Jacobs Dream.

The new album title “The rise, The fall, The rebirth”. How did that name come about? Any correlation to the life of the band?

Absolutely. I just felt that it was fitting to our history. We have had a long history of bad luck over the past nine years trying to get a second album out for our fans. So therefore I felt that this title was appropriate.

The sophomore album was originally going to be called “POINT OF ORIGIN” Why the name change?

After five years of bad luck we sign with a new label in 09 to release “Point Of Origin” and all is going well and then more bad luck. Again I do not know why but the contract was not being fulfilled and it seemed like a case of “Here we go again” so upon signing with “Soundmass” I felt that the name change was kind of a statement as to how hard it was for us to finally unleash a follow up to the first album.

What does the future hold for Biogenesis? Tours? More albums?

You know, that is a really good question. Right now I am just taking things one day at a time. It is ultimately up to the fans. If this record comes out and a new Buzz is born then we may carry on making records beyond this one. To be honest since I am in three bands I am going to place the majority of my efforts into something that is ticking and buzzing. So we will see what happens.

The market has changed a lot since we arrived on the scene and it is pretty difficult to sell a lot of records these days. We know it. Our label knows it and our fans know it. So from here on out lets just say that I am playing it by ear. I will say however that I would love to see it blow up to at least what it once was. So we shall see. I am more than open to the idea of a bright future for Biogenesis if we should be so blessed.

Any final words for the fans?

First of all thank you from the bottom of my soul. You guys and girls are the main reason that I have taken the time to give this ship another sail. No matter what happens with this new album I want all of you to know that Biogenesis dedicates this new album to you the true Bio Freaks! God bless you all..

Interview by Larry Versaw