Jimmy BrownIt was announced yesterday by the NordicFest event organizers that Jimmy Brown will not be performing with DELIVERANCE at this year’s NordicFest which is set to take place October 28th-30th. Apparently Jimmy has had some issues with his passport which is the reason he will not be able to attend and perform at the festival. A replacement vocalist has been found in Eli Prinsen of the band THE SACRIFICED.

This news has lead to an outcry from DELIVERANCE fans that had been expecting to see DELIVERANCE perform at the festival, as most feel that without Jimmy Brown this band is not DELIVERANCE, and instead a cover band.

The official statement from the festival website:

Unfortunately, Jimmy P. Brown from Deliverance has been hindered to come to Norway due to passport problems. He will be replaced on stage by Eli Prinsen (the Sacrificed) in addition to a Norwegian session-guitarplayer.

Soon we will have an official statement from Deliverance regarding this matter.
For those of you with a ticket not wishing to attend the concert with Deliverance after all, please contact Nordic Mission for a refund at www.nordicmission.net