Diamoth1. Greetings Syhirious, thanks for doing this interview. How are you and have you been majorly effected in your region by the earthquakes in Chile?

We are fine, thanks to God. The quake was experienced by the southern part of Chile, while in the north where I live the quake didn’t come. However, Chile is extremely seismic therefore we are not “safe” to live an earthquake at any time.

2. Can you tell about how Diamoth got started?

In the beginning, Diamoth started as a solo project, with no intention of distribution. The lyric theme was about social problems, but always with a Christian sight. Diamoth has two beginnings, the fist one is in 2002, and the second is in 2008. In 2004 Diamoth stopped creating music and it returned in 2008 with the full-length Distorkion. In this time, I have the vision to give a message to people’s life, to the Christian people and non Christian people about this constant spiritual war, we are constantly in the middle of two forces, one is the oppression that tries to drag us to “depressions, lies, cheats, sufferings, numbness of the soul, etc” and the other one is the light that tries to save us from this amalgam of problems.

The sound that encloses Diamoth was started with my first band Anima Di Morte, like Raw Black Metal and is the base of Diamoth, I don’t like to enclose the sound in one stereotype of music, but we can say that “it is like Black Metal”. And about the first works of Diamoth, I like to think about the second beginning in 2008 as the vision is more powerful.

3. So is Diamoth just yourself now since 2008 playing all the instruments and vocals or were there other members with the full-length Distorkion?

I’ve played with some friends in Diamoth, but not for a long time. Every disc is recorded by myself and when I have to play in some place, I invite some friends. I don’t know if Diamoth, in the future will become a concrete band (with various members), but for the next disc other musicians will participate in this process.

4. How many album recordings have there been so far and tell us about the new album that is coming out soon?

Well, there are officially three albums and one split. The last recording was Apocalyptic Anthems, which has been recorded in 2009 and released in 2010. The new album will have the 4 songs from This Is War Demo and other songs. I can’t say when it will be finished, because I’m still in the process of writing lyrics. The focus is the same “spiritual war”, and I just can say that maybe it will have 12 songs.

5. Can you share about the writing and recording process, what kind of feel do you strive for?

The process of recording is very peculiar, I feel something one day and I have to do everything in that moment, it is like a special moment. I have to be in complete connection with God, with peace in my heart to write something, if I’m busy with other things, I can’t make lyrics inspired by God, but there are moments in my week that I forget everything else and I just think and feel about God. That is the feel that motivates me, and is more than a feel, it is a sense. When you can understand your life, the things outside from mind, when you can enter to the doors that are beyond perception, is the moment where you can make music, lyrics, pray, or just live the presence of God. I need to forget everything in my world as a first step. I don’t know if Diamoth will be an important thing in the world, but the word says, whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord, and when you do the things with this feel, it is a great feeling.

Diamoth6. You have a very true sound and strong production for unblack metal. Do you perform all your instruments and record/mix all yourself in your own place, and what recording gear do you use?

Thanks. I have my own mini-studio. I use a professional microphone LD-74 Tascam and a Digital Portastudio DP-02 Tascam to mix and recording, but I prefer use Adobe Audition to work the mix. I record everything by myself in my own place, also I edit the artworks, and it is a hard work. For the next album I will record in a professional studio.

7. Were you influenced in particular by any bands with writing/recording “Apocalyptic Anthems”, it is a very commendable album and will the new album carry on similar in that direction?

I’ve always been influenced by Sanctifica; they’re a great band to listen to (musically speaking). The next album is like the sequel of Apocalyptic Anthems, but for me, is better than the other discs; it will have a strong base in the sense of raw and extreme music.

8. You mentioned about having lyrics about Spiritual Warfare, are these about personal battles or the overall war that is going on in the unseen realms, and are any of Diamoth’s lyrics on the web?

Great question. These two points inspired my lyrics.

I’ve seen many things in the world that have made me reflect on life and sense. In the search for sense, there are certain obstacles that make people stop their pursuit of happiness and inner peace. These barriers are so common that we’ve all experienced something like this sometimes, or at least have seen someone who has experienced these obstacles, things that are beyond our control, with this embedded in our nature.

To be more specific, spiritual warfare is not against humans or against politics, not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, filth, against the rulers of darkness, against spiritual wickedness in high places (the word says it). Constantly, all people have a war inside, and this war is hard, that’s where we see depressions, severe disorders, and disabilities in personal development, stagnation. All this happens inside the person. Psychology has studied with his various theoretical approaches; psychiatry has studied in medical approach, the philosophy in their different approaches, all with the idea of providing solutions. The phenomenon is the same in all cases but with different solutions. It is a great war, people are fighting in their inside to overcome these moments. God offers us an army of angels, full armor with the sword of the Spirit. When you believe in this, when you really believe in this, you will see things never seen before and you begin to understand the power of God, and this is a very strong solution.

Also, in my personal life, I have to live a big war inside. Sometimes I end my week very tired and distressed, other times I’m hurt at the end, sometimes I fall, but God always picks me up, to clean the dust from my clothes, to heal and restore my heart. We all live this war, it is an invisible war. The wise man understood that he can fight with their own hands or clothed with the armor of God, so also he can build their house on the sand or on the stone. I’m not a perfect man, and sometimes I fall a lot, sometimes I’m wrong and other times I find myself with grief in my heart, some people can really hurt you sometimes (in a competitive world), but here I am, unleashing war against these invisible attackers. I admit that I am weak, with my own hands I couldn’t fight, but in the infinite mercy of God, he is able to forget my mistakes and extend his hand with infinite love that moves me a lot. I don’t think that someone is exempt to live a spiritual war and if someone says they don’t need it, probably his fight is that; remove this bandage from his eyes.

You can read the lyrics in the official page of Diamoth www.diamoth.official.ws

9. How is the Black metal underground in Chile, is Satanism common and are there many Christian extreme metal bands making a strong presence?

There doesn’t exist many Christian bands here, most of them are split-up. I know one band that I like from Chile, Soterion, but they are split-up. The Christian scene in Chile is poor.

In Chile exist a lot of bands who speak about anti-Christianity or Satanism, but I don’t think that they are occultists. I think that they speak about Satanism to represent the image of Black Metal, as a stereotype. Many pioneers said it was a show, and speak about Satanism just for scaring people, but the fans (and bands after them) think that is a life style.

10. It’s great that you are focused and keep making new recordings. It is too bad Soterion has split-up they were very promising, do you have any contact with the members and is there a lot of support for one another among the Christian metal bands that do exist?

I don’t have contact with Soterion, I sent an email to them once, but nothing happened, they live in the south of Chile (away from Arica). I’m getting support from Labels and persons in Christ around the world, but I don’t know if some band, label or distros from Chile gives support to other bands. I have a friend who is making his first demo (Dustt), and it sounds like Doom Stoner . I’m giving all my support to him; actually I’m helping in the process of recording because he has strong music. Is a big blessing giving support to each other.

11. Which metal albums are in your speakers lately?

Unplugged by Trouble, I’m a big fan of them. And I’m waiting for the new disc of Trastorno, I don’t like many Black Metal (or Unblack Metal) bands, but they have very good music, I would love to listen to their new stuff.

12. Do you have a Title for the new album you’re working on and a record label to release it? Can you also share a bit more about your upcoming material and give our readers more of an idea of what to expect?

I’m still thinking about names, here are some that I like: “RAW”, “Tales of the Golden Armor”, “Line of March”. I want something that will enclose what we have to do when we are in the middle of two forces, as giving rules of war. I’ll think about labels when the tracks are ready.

In the upcoming album you can imagine marches of angels, soldiers of light, fighting against human decay. You can feel as a soldier. I will implement sounds like sirens, or submachine-guns, so you can take your imagination into a real war, but with a different meaning.

The sound has a very mysterious atmosphere, mixing something relaxed with something aggressive. I’m very influenced by Black Metal, Crust Metal, and Death Metal, bands like Metanoia, Antestor, Horde, and Celtic Frost.

13. The new album sounds like it will be very interesting. May the Lord bless your future and creativity. Thanks very much for the interview.

Any last comments?

Thank you, for opening this door. I just want to say to the brothers in Christ, that we must be united, because we are examples for other people. We can’t expect that other people can believe in God if we, as examples are divided. All my love in Christ.
Interview by DrawnsworD