Elgibbor has been a staple in the “Christians playing Black Metal” scene for quite a few years now.  With quite a few albums under his belt Elgibbor gives us another lengthy dose of his own brand of atmospheric black metal.  When I say atmospheric I don’t mean gobs of keyboards or cheesy medieval instruments or anything like that.  Instead Elgibbor likes to deliver a fairly pummeling black metal experience while peppering the songs with some real melodic depth and emotional moments and the occasional use of keyboards.

Although not the most extreme black metal album out there, The Dungeons of Hell succeeds on the level of delivering an honest and despairing sound.  Fans of black metal and Elgibbor’s past releases will really enjoy the Dungeons of Hell.  I think the only real problem I had with it, is that after listening to this album about 20 times, it really can grow monotonous.  I feel that Elgibbor, despite doing a fine job of making raw and emotional black metal has kind of hit a roadblock in creativity.  After having so many albums out that deliver very similar experiences already, it is hard to recommend this album on the basis of creativity alone.  If you are on the fence about black metal or Elgibbor, The Dungeons of Hell will not change your mind about the style.  On the positive though, if you are looking for a well done black metal album that lacks the indulgences of more mainstream bands, and has God praising lyrics then look no further than Elgibbor.

4 out of 5

Review by Daniel Terry