EnvothrilI recently talked to a new Unblack Metal band Called Envothril on the Unblack Metal Scene label.  These guys are a good raw Unblack Metal band.  Enjoy the interview and by all means check these guys out.

1. Hi Guys thanks for taking the time for the interview. Not too many people have heard of you so why don’t you tell us about the band. How did you get together? How long have you been around?

Hails! We are a raw unblack metal band that consist of two members: myself (Prevail) and Triumph. We just recently had our EP “Blasphemy Unto The Blasphemers” released through Unblack Metal Scene Records. We have been active since May of this year.

2. What does Envothril mean? How did you come up with that name?

Envothril is a name that we came up with. It’s meaning is nonexistent. To us, it sounded like a very menacing and dark title for our battle hymns.

3. How did you hook up with Unblack Metal Scene? What is it like working with them?

Unblack Metal Scene contacted us online and asked if we would like to be a part of the label. We were very surprised and honored, considering the fact that our EP was going to be self-released. The productivity regarding the distribution of our release was a pleasant surprise because it was put out very quickly by the label.

4. Your music seem to me to be very Vikingesk in sound what black metal bands influenced you most?

The essence of making raw black metal influenced us the most, as far as the music goes. However, we look highly upon black metal acts such as: Horde, Evroklidon, Hortor, Frost Like Ashes, etc.

5. The album art is very cool who inspired it? And what is the symbolism of it?

I (Prevail) took it upon myself to do the artwork for this release. Our goal was to make a raw looking album cover. I remember looking through cds at a music store and came across an album from Winter of Apokalypse called “Solitary Winter Night.” I remember seeing how raw the artwork was on that release. For our release, the artwork doesn’t really contain a lot of symbolism. It’s pretty basic: A demonic dwelling place being obliterated, a cabin full of satanic imagery being crushed. We wanted it to be very straightforward and compelling. On a side note, I would like to say that this release is very symbolic. Personally, I look at the cabin as our souls. We are very darkened inside because we, myself included, allow so much evil in our lives until it pushes out the most essential piece of ourselves, Jesus.

Envothril6. You guys have a very raw black metal sound was that intentional? Why the raw sound and not more of a hifi production?

It’s a lot easier for us to record the way we do, plus it gives us our raw sound. It’s a pretty quick process that consists of us playing the drums and guitar live. We mix the keys and vocals separately. Half of the EP was recorded in a bedroom and the other half in a garage. We want to remain raw in our sound and appearance.

7. What are some of the symbolisms in your music and what role does it play musically? lyrically?

Our music has stirred up a slight amount of controversy online because of our title and war based themes. In response to the controversy I made the following statement:

“The very essence of this band is to symbolize the content of “evil.” Evil and darkness, to us, is all that tries to destroy your faith in Christ, or anything that attempts to take Him away from you. Symbolism plays an important role in our music. Our lyrical content deals with the eternal battle of this evil. All of us, as Christians, are warriors for Christ. We portray/symbolize this evil as a darkened alliance that must be defeated, in the tradition of most unblack bands. We are not portraying ourselves as a couple of murderous savages for Christ. “Blasphemy Unto The Blasphemers” is simply a rebellious attitude of giving your own personal demons “a taste of their own medicine.” It is the hatred of our own demons that we carry in our message. There is absolutely no hatred in our hearts towards anybody. We love the Satanists, the atheists, etc. just as we love our fellow Christian brothers and sisters. So just look at our music as a message of self defeat. Dying to one’s self by ourselves. Because we (ourselves included) are evil, filthy and unjust beings. We must destroy the evil within us if we want to grow closer to the Savior.”

8. How has the EP “Blasphemy Unto The Blasphemers” done so far? Has it been received well?

Actually, we haven’t heard any feedback on our EP since its release. However, we have had certain individuals compliment our music and we haven’t heard any negative feedback thus far. We are very thankful their input

9. In general there are a lot of new bands in the Unblack metal underground is the scene once again seeing a resurgence and why?

Unblack metal, to us, is and always will be involved in the underground. It is a genre that dared to be bold in the midst of darkness. Like us as Christians. We are called to represent the name of Christ in a world that rejects His name. I think it is a brotherhood and will continue to progress with strength

10. What is up next for Envothril tours? New albums?

Well, being that we are a two man project, we will not be doing any touring. However, we will be working on new material soon. We have already began discussing ideas and writing for the new release.

11. Thank you again for your time do you have final words for the fans?

Thank you Larry! We appreciate your interest and having us for the interview. Thanks to everyone that gave us a chance and a listen. “Fight the war within your soul with courage. Never let your guard down. Weapons high!”

Interview by Larry Versaw for Untombed.com