ExultetI Soldati Della Croce
Sullen Records – 2011

I Soldati Della Croce is Exultet’s new album and what an album it is. This is a Black/Folk Metal album with middle eastern musical influences and is epic in everyway right from the start, but be ready to get out the history books folks as this album is a virtual history lesson. The intro sets both the mood and intro with flutes, bongos and keys and halfway through you really get an epic feel and sense of the epic stories that are soon to come. It soon moves into the second track Il Concilio Di Clermont a fast paced song about The Council of Clermont. With all the songs being about battles and people from the time period of 1096 to 1099 and the battles lived by the Christian knights makes for a epic album long story line that takes you to the time period and allows your imagination to put you there on the battle field.

La Battaglia Di Dorileo is the longest song coming in at an epic 8:46 and describes the events of the battle of Dorileo. With tight drums and epic melodic keys and strong riffing guitars this song alone could be the type of song you hear in a movie while watching the big battle scene. Complete with swords clinking and all this song is the best song on the album and for me it is worth getting this album just for this song.

Moving from song to song and battle to battle story to story Exultet uses instruments that most bands don’t violins, sitars even timpani drums all flowing smoothly throughout the whole album. The album ends with La Conquista Di Gerusalemme another epic song and a epic story closing this most epic of all albums. Even though the album ends along with the story you are left wanting more.

I honestly can’t find one thing wrong with this album. The Production is absolutely great without that over produced feel and music is as tight as can be and even the Italian lyrics don’t bother me in the least, which is a surprise to me. I do wish it was longer but even that can’t keep me from giving this a great review. So if you like Epic/Black/Folk Metal this album is definitely for you and I recommend this album to EVERYONE.

Rating 7 out of 7

Review by Larry Versaw