Italy’s Folk/Black Metal band EXULTET will have their 2004 album “Urbs Felix” and 2008 album “Constantinopolis” re-released by Sullen Records this May. Both of these albums are extremely rare and impossible to track down copies of.

2004’s “Urbs Felix” is a concept album describing the ancient Sicily battles between Saracens and Normans in your 1000. Musically the band brings together epic black metal with folk elements inspired from Arabian & Medieval tradition. 2008’s “Constantinopolia” is about the fall of the famous Roman Capital of the Middle East in the year 1453 and various phases of the battle through the chronicled events and deeds of their characters. In this album the Arabic, folk and epic sound expressed in “Urbs Felix” returned.

Both albums are available to preorder now from Divine Metal Distro, and come with free downloads of the album so that you can start listening immediately.

Earlier in 2011 Exultet released their Sullen Records debut “I Soldati della Croce“.  “I Soldati della Croce” is still available in limited quantities.