Faith Factor1. I’m with Ski and Blaine from Faith Factor How’s it going guys?  Thanks for taking the time to do this interview.
Ski and Blaine:  Hey Matt, good to hear from you! We hope you are doing well!

2. Can you provide a brief history of Faith Factor?

Ski:  Ok lets see, it was February 2006.  We had our very first practice, Ski, Jim, Chris, Joe, and Dan.  This lineup played on the 7/7/7 EP.  We started writing our first songs together right from the get-go. 2007 came, we entered the studio to cut out first ep recording, the 7/7/7 ep.  We sent only 1,000 CDs to shop for a record deal and to sell to our fans, after shopping the ep to many labels in the secular and Christian metal markets.  Only one label had the best deal at this time, matt hunt of retroactive records.  Then Jim decided to start a working cover band to make money to go along with his day job.  So we said to him serve god or serve money.  Well, he chose money over god.  So off he went.  At this time Blaine entered the fold,  Jim brought Blaine in, and then Jim left.  Then, Joe brought Chris in.  Now the line up was complete, well so we thought.  We began writing our debut CD “Against a Darkened Sky” with Chris and Blaine.  We got signed of the 3 song ep to retroactive records in 2007.  The debut CD was out in November of 2008.  Now enters a great brother in Christ, our keyboardist Dave Peters.  We had a mutual agreement with Joe and Chris; it was time for them to leave and concentrate on there families and get their lives together.  Ok, now enters our newest band member on guitar, Brad Lee Ludwick.  After Joe and Chris had left, the search went on.  We went into deep prayer that God would bring us a good solider for Christ first, then have the blessings and talent to hold down the fort.  Bammmmmmmmmm!  Ask and you shall receive.  So we’re all up to date and the search for the right bass player.  When the line up is complete, we will continue writing the next CD titled “The Wrath is Yet to Come”.  Who knew God meant this.

3. How would you describe your style of music?

Blaine: U.S. style Power Metal, with epic influence and Christian lyrics.

4. You released your album “Against a Darkened Sky” back in 2008.  Can you tell us a little bit about that album?  Also, how has it been received by the public?

Ski:  The Lord gave me a vision on what the CD cover should look like, as well as the title.  A good friend of mine in Norway turned me onto this up and coming artist in Finland named Kiris Salonen.  So I contacted her and told her my vision in an email and in 3 weeks we had a rough sketch and built upon from there.  The original artwork was to graphic for the label, so we had to tone it down a bit.  I’ll attach the original cover in the email and you will see what I mean.  When it came out in November of 2008, we were getting ready to play a big secular metal festival in Germany called “Keep it True.”  No one had heard any songs from the CD.  When we came off the stage, they were buying up the CD. I guess they liked us.  We have gotten great reviews from the CD, but everyone seems to say the one bad thing is the production.  Everyone doesn’t understand when you sign with an independent label, you basically have to pay for everything from recording to mixing, which comes out of our own pockets, no help from the label.  They paid to have it mastered, printed, pressed, and distributed worldwide.

5.  What is it like working with Retroactive Records?

Ski:  For this being our first real label, Matt Hunt has done great things for us but we think if we want to take this to the next level, what ever that is, I don’t think he can handle our demands.  So, we will have to talk a bit and figure it all out.  One thing I do know for sure is our second CD has got to crush the first one in all areas.

6. You obviously have some pretty bold lyrics in your songs.  What is the main message you want people to get out of your music and lyrics?

Blaine:  Jesus created a good work in us, so we spread the good news of the Gospel through our music.  Jesus taught the commonplace (public) with short stories to get he message out, we do exactly the same in our writing.  In this way, we are Christian Heavy Metal storytellers!

7. Some view it a little controversial to include the sinner’s prayer at the end of your last album.  I personally think it was an awesome idea.  Why did you choose to do this and what would you say to the Christians who are against the inclusion of the sinner’s prayer?

Blaine:  Yes, people thought Jesus was controversial as well.  We don’t mind being categorized this way.  Christians aren’t against this approach to the Gospel, the world is. The world can call us what they want, but we are Christian disciples and we exist for a risen Savior.  He died for us, for the forgiveness of our sin, so we live for him, and his message lives through us.  His message of forgiveness, Salvation, and eternal life is worthy of being shared with the world in which we live, all of the world.  This album wouldn’t exist without the Sinners Prayer.  We simply plant the seeds of the Great Commission, if God calls us for the Harvest, we will go!

8. Ski, you have organized the Christian Metal/Rock Alliance that includes Faith Factor, Main Line Rider, Under Command, Coriolis, Drop Veil, Fair Warning, Rivera Bomma, and Steve Yost.  Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Ski: While in prayer, God said to me 2 years ago to form a network of bands from anywhere, connect with brothers in Christ in rock n metal music; bring  my word into the clubs, bars, churches; get out  there and make me some disciples, and get back my backsliding Christian culture and shake there foundation.  I even organized true metal America concerts.  It’s where I reach out to the secular metal bands in the area and put festivals together and sneak in some Christian bands too like my first festival.  I had Ross the Boss as my headliner and Kreyson from the Czech Republic, plus faith factor and some other underground secular metal bands.  You see we have to go to the unsaved to sometimes other wise we’re not doing the Great Commission.

9.  Can you tell us what the future holds for Faith Factor?
Blaine:  We added a keyboard player late in 2009, David Peters.  We also have a new guitarist, Brad Ludwick, and we are currently auditioning new bass players to join our Faith Factor family.  We are working toward our next album release due out early in 2011.

10. What advice would you give to a new band trying to play Christian metal?
Blaine:  Stand firm in your faith; show people you love the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, mind, spirit and strength.  Work hard.  Go when and where you are called to. Pray at the beginning of every band function.  Seek out relationships with your listening audience (fans) and build everyday your new family of friends.  Pray with them when they ask, or request it.  Let them know how much they mean to you and tell them you love them for their support of the mission God has called you for.  Keep your house (band) firmly planted on the rock of our Salvation, Jesus.  A house (band) divided will not stand or prosper.  Don’t let the world influence you, stand your ground and don’t give evil back one inch of ground you have gained, and trust in God that he will provide the rest!

11.  Well, thanks again for your time.  Any last words?
Blaine:  “The Wrath is yet to Come” (early 2011 !!!)

Interview By: Matt Marciniec