firefalldownINSPIRATIONAL, semi-sophisticated, and anthemic… this is Firefalldown. The Filipino-British three-piece brings their own brand of melodic funkcore to the UK underground scene, combing elements of skate punk, motown, and pop punk through energetic live shows and songs that have been described as “dynamic, intriguing and underpinned by a refreshing intelligence”.

Firefalldown is meant to convey passion and intensity. “We play to ignite people’s hearts and see them come alive… see them align themselves with their calling and live lives that break loose from clutches of the ordinary. Our vision is to see a generation living lives that make a difference.” As such, they focus all of their artistic efforts on positively impacting the youth of today. They sing songs like Commissioned, lyrically a call for people to live out their God-given dreams, and Stand Tall, a song meant to stir people out of their apathy towards important questions in life.

The new Firefalldown single ‘Stand Tall‘ is available as a free download from their website.