For Christ SakeForChristSakeDeath is But a Breath Away
Independent 2010

Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland comes ForChristSake and their EP Death is But a Breath Away.  ForChristSake plays a death metal style with a good bit of a thrash metal tossed in as well.  Lyrically, they are definitely very evangelistic.
We start off with “Psalm of Repentance”.  The song starts off with the clicking of drumsticks in an almost tribal drumbeat.  The song then explodes into the mayhem.  The song almost seems like it’s going to completely come off the rails but then they pull it back in with a slower passage, only to take it back to the edge.
“Sleep” is the second song on the EP.  The band uses a mix of vocal styles throughout the song which is a nice change.  They use growls, shrieks and even clean vocals.  It is a good song but the repeating of the last word in the chorus is a bit cheesy.  But overall a solid song.
“Cry of the Martyrs Blood” really shows the Christian Orthodox beliefs of some of the band members:
“Their blood cries to me through memories
Their souls have been forgotten by man
You burned and torched their holy relics
Now all that’s left of them is in my heart
Cry of the martyrs blood!”
The last song of the EP is called “O”.  ForChristSake slows things down a bit for one but they still remain heavy.  The music is fairly solid but the lyrics do seem a bit out of place at times.
Overall, this a good first release from ForChristSake.  And I think with some more time together, the band will get tighter and will be able to give us an even better full release.