How did the band come together?  Were any of you in a previous band?

The band was started by Rab a few years ago but he needed the right people to make the line up.  This took time and the lineup only started to take shape in 2008. The line up has remained more or less the same in the last 3 years except for a lead guitarist who we had to ask to leave because of his attitude with other band members.

How did the band decide on the name ForChristSake?

We have always got some criticism from Secular and Christian areas for our band name as it is considered to be blasphemous and used as a swear word – we base it on the bible verse.  It is that we do this for Christ’s Sake.  It has prompted questions from people and we answer in truth that we are a Christian band doing it for ChristSake.

What is the metal scene like in the Belfast area?

Pretty vibrant scene, not so much Christian metal.  We seem to be the only band who are classed as Christian metal.  There is a lot of hardcore, metalcore and death metal but heavily infleunced by satanic imagery and lyrics.  We pretty much take a stand against this with our style and lyrics.

What was it like making the video for \”O\”?  Will there be any more videos made?

No plans to make any more videos as yet – O was a cool video to make.  We spent 4 hours in a church hall in Belfast in the freezing cold jumping about with our instruments turned off.  It was really cool to see how the process comes together.  We used a guy called Darren Lee of Maverick Renegade ( He is well known for shooting videos for up and coming bands coming out of Northern Ireland. We will eventually do another video but we need to record first.

How did everyone get into music?

The normal ways I suppose – big brother, big sister or friend with metal records.

Does the band plan to have a new release this year?

Yes, we have a batch of songs that we want the world to hear.  We play these live in conjunction with the EP songs and we are just deciding on how we want to go about recording them at present.

Which bands have been influential to you?

All the usual suspects – Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth along with a whole pile of Christian metal acts such as Mortification, Demon Hunter, etc.

Is the band planning any tours in the near future?

We gig locally and the next big thing for us is taking part in Wacken Battlefest in which we battle it out for a place to play at the world famous Wacken Festival in Germany.

What bands would FCS love to perform with that you haven’t performed with yet?

We would love to tour with Impending Doom or Demon Hunter.   Anyone really as long as we could all get along.

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