Grave RobberExhumed
Rottweiler Records – 2010

Exhumed is the Newest album from Grave Robber the Christian Horror Punk band out of Indiana. Now I must say that I am more of a Black Metal/ Death Metal fan but this group appeals to me more than any current Christian Punk band. For Fans of Grave Robber however this album offers only one new Grave Robber song but the band includes two cover songs. This album however has a lot to offer in spite of only one new song.

Starting off with a newly recorded version of Army Of The Dead the album kicks off a very familiar song for Grave Robber fans yet the new version of this song is shorter and has a tighter sound to it. Altered States and You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch have also both been updated with a stronger tighter sound to them. The Two cover songs Both sound as if they were newly written by Grave Robber Themselves.

The one and only new song on this album leaves me thirsting for more. The song is good and starts off leaving you wandering where you have heard that tune before. Fill This Place With Blood Shows off the tightest most polished sound yet from Grave Robber.

This album also includes the 2005 Demo. Listening to these tracks right away you can tell just how far the band has come with their sound. This album is not a complicated one with complicated riffs and difficult rhythms yet the newer recordings and covers are very sound very tight songs that pack quite a punch and the message is straight up in the face and full of parable like lyrics that share the love and truth of Christ. If you are looking for a whole new full length sorry you will have to do with just the one new song. However the two covers and new versions of older songs are well worth getting this album for. I feel it is also worth having the demo songs to show how much better they have gotten over the years. . Like some I would have loved to seen more new songs but it is worth the get anyway but hurry this is limited to 100 hard copies. All in all I give this album a 5 out of 7

By Larry Versaw for


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