Lee, Ben and Brandon of King’s Krest take some time out to talk with Dale about the band’s latest happenings……….

>Could you tell us how the band got started?
LEE: God birthed the idea for a band in 2005 in Lead Singer’s Eddie Stephens heart. He began to search for members and came up with the band “For heaven Sake.”   We covered Casting Crowns, Creed, and some others, but shortly after, started writing our own music.  Summer of 2007 was a turning point.  We had a set list worth of our own music and began to brainstorm for a new name.

>How did you come up with King’s Krest as your name? Does it have special meaning?
LEE: Hundreds of years ago, kings had a family crest; if you were part of the king’s family you could bear the crest and be known as a part of the family, having the kings Stamp of approval.  We are children of the King of Kings, so we came up with “Kings Krest”, identifying us with Jesus, the King of Kings, and the family of God.

>How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?
BEN: A mix of modern and hard rock…heavy guitar riffs with driving bass lines with a positive message

>Who is the main song writer or is it a group effort? What inspires your writing?
LEE: When it comes to song writing, Eddie writes most of the lyrics.  The melody is more of a calibration between our guitarists, with the rest being done by the respective members.  No one person writes a completed song. As for Inspiration, we want the listener to know that there is a way out and that the devil is a liar.  When people go through hard times and things that cause great pain in their life, they look for ways out; such as suicide, cutting, drugs and a list of other things.  We want people to know that Jesus came to set them free.

>With the release of your self-titled EP; can you share with our readers some of the public feedback you have received on the album?
LEE: We have heard nothing but good things.  The band as a whole is really encouraged with all the positive comments the album has received.  You know, when you put your heart and soul into an album, you give it to the public and hope for the best.  Statically, 10 % of people, no matter what you do, are going to dislike you.  We just have not heard any yet.  I am sure it is coming though.

BRANDON: We can’t thank our producer, John Harrell of The Sound Barn, enough for an awesome job!

>I love the new EP; it is very solid, but, if you could have changed one thing what would it be?
BEN: More songs….We have 5 great songs on there but I wish we would have had more time and resources to get some of our other songs on there as well.  We recorded all 5 songs in 5 days.  I don’t feel like they were rushed though.  Our producer John Harrell pushed us to make these songs the best they could be and we can’t thank him enough.

BRANDON: I think as artists it is hard to be 100% completely satisfied with your work because you will always find something you might like to change…..With that being said the number one thing I would change would definitely be the album artwork because I just don’t think it fits who we are as a band.

>Is King’s Krest working on a new album? If so, could you give us a little update?
LEE: Most definitely.  We are not currently in the studio, but are working on new songs for our full-length album.  We are shooting to have it ready by the fall; maybe winter.  Either way, we are definitely releasing a full-length album this year

BRANDON: I think listeners will find once that album releases that this new stuff is a little bit heavier with a little more edge.

>How do you share your faith with your fans?
BEN: With me it all starts with your testimony.  You never know when people are watching you.  If you lose your testimony, it’s very very hard to get back.  We speak on stage about our faith and we try to make ourselves available for anybody to come talk to us before or after our shows or even on our websites.

BRANDON: I like to hangout and get to know people and see what they are dealing with in their lives and, through that, share how God can overcome anything that our fans are dealing with.

>What would you like the listener to gain from listening to King’s Krest?
BEN: We want them to gain Jesus first and foremost.  We definitely want people to leave our shows saying “man that was great show, those guys are good” but above all it’s about Jesus Christ.  There are a lot of people who won’t step foot in a church but will come to a rock show, so that is our chance to witness to them.

LEE: We are nobody special.  We have our own personal daily battles we face.  Just because God has allowed us to play music, does not mean we are exempt from problems.  So we want our listeners to jam out while they listen and know that our lyrics have a meaning, pointing them to the savior.

>If you couldn’t play music how would you tell people about your faith?
BEN: By my life and testimony first of all.  Honestly, playing music has made it so much easier for me to talk to people about my faith.  I’m not a good speaker, I know I’ll never be a Sunday school teacher but this is my way of witnessing.

BRANDON: This one is a tough one to answer because God has called me to play music and it is my outlet but if I had to pick one that I would love to do, it would have to be evangelism.

>I would like to thank you for your time. Do you have any parting comments?
LEE: Yes. Want to thank God for everything He has allowed us to do.  If you know someone that needs help or is hurting, send them to our Facebook or website; we would love to talk to them.    With all of the people that play music, somehow and for some reason he has chose us to spread his word and his love.  Everybody go to iTunes or amazon.com and check us out.
Thanks to Dale and Untombed for this opportunity to get our message out.

BEN: I just want to thank you for having us.  We appreciate everything you do for us and all the other bands out there.  Just keep Kings Krest in your thoughts and prayers.

BRANDON: I would like to thank all of our fans, present and future, and Untombed for having us on here. Check us out online!  We also hope to see all of you out at a show soon!!
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