Last BattleI was able to talk to the guys from Ukrainian band Last Battle and I’ll tell you these guys are great.

1. Thank you so much for your time today. Could you give a history of Last Battle and how the band got it’s name?

Last Battle was born in 2006. Once after another listening of ‘Crimson Moonlight’ I began to pray and beg God about such bands on ex-USSR area. But I got no idea, what God will use me for that. Why I didn’t think about myself? Because I was addicted to drugs very hard and long time and this damaged my health. Even now I have some physical defects and, in fact, everything I do now, in 2006 was unreal. But, as we know, with our God nothing is impossible, and seems, what He saw something in me and He use me in that way. Name ‘Last Battle’ is just symbolic and it’s about Armageddon’s battle.

2. Who are the lyrical and musical influences of the band?

Both – God, of course. As for me, Last Battle is true ministry and it blessed by my pastors, teachers and even our archbishop. Let me tell you, what I’m Pentecostal and in our community metal is not accepted at all. For me music is the way to preach Gospel. So God has great influence on music and lyrics.

3. All of your lyrics are in your native language are there any plans to do an English version?

Well, maybe someday I’ll sing in English, but not now, that’s for sure…, I don’t know English at all, I use my friend for translates.

Last Battle - The Way Home4. You guys have been busy releasing two albums within just a few months of each other how are the two albums different from each other?

Yeah, we had released two albums ‘Last Battle’ with two month difference, but there’s hint – album «Through the thorns up to the stars» was recorded and mastered in 2009. And album «The way home» was recorded in 2010. Now we have third album of ‘Last Battle’ named «The War», so we decide not to slow process and release two albums in one year.

5. How have these albums and their message been received by the public?

Lyrics has different reaction. Ones curses us, other blesses. Many people said, what lyrics are insist to think.

6. How did you guys come in contact with Unblack Metal Scene? Did they contact you?

They found us first.

7. Has it been difficult to get your music spread across the world? If so what are some of the issues you have had?

(Internet rules ;) ).

8. What is the metal scene in the Ukraine like? Is the Christian scene strong there?

Heh, even secular metal scene is weak, Christian doesn’t exist at all. All Christian metal bands could be counted by fingers of one hand.

9. I think that you guys are doing an incredible job. Your music is amazingly epic in all ways. Is that because of the atmosphere that you guys have created or are there other factors that make it so epic?

Thanks  but why epic? Well, what kind of music you can imagine about greatest battle in mankind’s history? That’s the key – music is epic, because it’s about war.

Destroyer of Lie10. Your albums have started making their way here in america but many people still don’t know much about Last Battle or that you also have a couple of other projects as well. What are those projects and how are they coming along? Are they the same musical style as Last Battle?

Yep, besides ‘Last Battle’ we have three bands: Destroyer of lie (Experimental Black Metal/Folk/Viking Metal), Plerophoria (Death/Doom Metal/Black Metal), and fresh name Henoticon (Black Metal). They’re different by sound of course. They’re even unique. Better listen, then read our explanations.

11. Will those projects be release in America as well? Where can people buy those albums?

We start to begin to cooperate with starvetheflesh, and soon we’ll upload all our music in мр3 with best possible quality and lowest prices ever. Also T-Shirts will be available. We’ll not record CDs until some cool label offers something to us.

12. Thank you again for your time would you like to make any final comments to the fans?

Thanks to everyone, who loves and listen us. We will always surprise you with new material. Also my thanks to you. God bless.

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Interview by: Larry Versaw

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