Director: Simon Curtis
Cast: Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh and Judi Dench
100 Min./ UK / Drama, comedy

There are so many books, films and documentaries about Marilyn Monroe. Still, it’s fascinating to read, see or hear more about her, perhaps because this icon died way too early or maybe it’s her unfathomable character.

Colin Clark is 23 and just graduated from Oxford. He is determined to work in the film industry. Soon his perseverance is acknowledged and he gets a job as 3rd assistant director on the set of ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’. Director and lead actor Laurence Olivier hires Marilyn Monroe to interpret the role of showgirl. We see a quirky, insecure Marilyn Monroe. She struggles with her identity as a person and as a movie star. After her husband leaves for America on business, she seems to have lost all her security. In total despair she remains behind in England with no one to trust. Until she meets Colin. We see his extraordinary week with Marilyn.

Director Simon Curtis has years of experience directing TV series and TV movies. This is his feature film debut. And what a great debut! A Week With Marilyn earned 6 Bafta and 2 Oscar nominations. This is not only due to the direction, but also because of the magnificent performance of Michelle Williams. Rarely I have seen such a good rendition of Marilyn Monroe. Not only did she manage to do a fantastic job by playing the icon Marilyn, but she also manage to capture the woman behind the icon. In one word, Wonderful!


Trailer: My Week With Marilyn