Brazil has always been a place of some great thrash metal bands, like Arnion and Disaffection, to name a few.  Now we can add Tsavo Inc. to that list.  Tsavo has actually been around longer than both Arnion and Disaffection, having been started by guitarist Rinaldo Macedo back in the late-1990s.  It was originally put on hold back in 2003 after which Rinaldo joined up with Arnion for both the EP Refuge and the full length Fall Like Rain.  When Arnion broke up in 2008, Rinaldo brought back Tsavo and asked Disaffection’s vocalist Cleiton Magno join Régis Mello on drums and Jadin Freza on bass to record their release When The Lions Are Hungry.  You can definitely hear similarities on this album – a sort of best-of-both-worlds, but, unlike either, Tsavo Inc.’s sound is much more aggressive, both musically and vocally.

At times (such as in the title track “When The Lions Are Hungry” and “Immunodeficiency”), Cleiton sounds a bit like Vengeance Rising’s Roger Martinez with his gritty vocal performance.  The guitar-work on this album is aggressive – taking it easy at times right before grabbing you by your head and thrashing you around.  It’s also nice to have some sections of music – like in the song “Unborn” – where the drums are featured and not just hidden behind the guitar and bass.  What I really like about this album is that it’s not just a full thrash assault.  There are interludes where the musicians can really shine – like in the opening to “Savana” with its bluesy feel.  Nevertheless, make no mistake, Tsavo Inc.’s When The Lions Are Hungry is without a doubt thrash metal – aggressive, technical-sounding thrash.

Review by: Jeffdls

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