Sleeping Giant, which recently signed to Ain’t No Grave Records, is currently putting the finishing touches on the band’s first record of the partnership, “Kingdom Days In An Evil Age.” Bassist JR Bermuda had the following to say:

“We are very excited to be working with Ain’t No Grave Recordings. For the type of thing we are trying to do, to be more ministry than band, to release a sound that not many people are doing yet, ANGR was the clear choice. We knew we had to completely surpass the first two albums in any way possible. It needed to be heavier, angrier, and bolder. We love those songs, but this new album has a different energy on it. We all have urgency and stirring in our spirits. That may be a phrase thrown around in Christian culture, but this album to us represents what we live for: the kingdom of God – which is bigger than church, bigger than Sleeping Giant, bigger than whatever culture or people group we are a part of.

“The Kingdom is now, and the world needs God’s justice to come, which is always FOR people, and never against them. So with the authority we have been given in Jesus, and the platform we have been blessed with in the band we thought, if the whole world was watching, what would we say, or better yet, what would we do? The answer is declaration of the glory and goodness of God to a world filled with injustice against peoples, and nations in peril, miracles to display His power, physical and emotional healing to display His love, and break the chains of the captives. ”

Eric Gregson (guitars) added, “‘Kingdom Days In An Evil Age‘ is everything you love about Sleeping Giant amplified. It’s more aggressive than our last 2 albums. Its heavier, its faster, and the worship is deeper and more brazen than it has ever been. We definitely got more ambitious about this one. We pulled out all the stops.”

Sleeping Giant also took a quick break from the studio to play a few dates on the Atticus Metal Tour III alongside Darkest Hour, Born of Osiris, As Blood Runs Black, and The Human Abstract. The band will be announcing more touring plans in the coming weeks as well.