Towne CryerI had a chance to talk to Ron McClure, the drummer for thrash metal band Towne Cryer.

Ron, could you tell us a bit of history of Towne Cryer and how the band came about?

Gena (the singer) and myself (the drummer) in the mid 80’s had a vision for a metal band that would look like a secular band but have a different message.  We played many LA clubs back in the 80’s and 90’s and had several member changes along the way.  We were witness to many unbelievable things along the way ..

How did the band come up with the name Towne Cryer?

As we were talking one night about a name and our vision for the band.  We pictured ourselves coming into a city and warning people of the enemy of this world and Randy, the guitar player at the time, said “like a Towne Cryer”.

Now Towne Cryer is a bit different in that even though it’s a female-fronted band, it isn’t a European power or gothic metal, like a lot of female-fronted bands.  Have you had any difficulties with promoters, labels, etc with being a thrash metal band with a female vocalist?

We did in the early days because most female vocalists where whimpy but it also made us somewhat unique. We did get a lot of gigs but some promoters were a little hesitant at first.. I always thought it was better than having a male vocalists that sounded like everyone else.

Towne Cryer - Against All EvilTowne Cryer has done two releases: Against All Evil (released in 1992) and Death By Sin (1998).  Why was there such a long break between the two albums?

We actually did some early demos that are long lost.  The delay in releasing Death by Sin was because it was held up by a couple of record deals that where being offered.  We thought it might not ever get done.

Are there any plans for Towne Cryer to re-release either or both of the albums?

We have been asked that question a lot.. There are a few songs I would love to redo. Re-release is always a possibility too..

What are some of the bands that have been a major influence to Towne Cryer’s style?

Wow.. that’s tough one.. for myself my first influence was old Rush .. I love progressive music…

Are there any upcoming plans for Towne Cryer?

My son and I have been messing around with some new material and jamming with Steve Metzger who has been with us a long time.  I can’t make any promises but you never know…

Any last comments you’d like to say to the readers of Untombed?

The things that we create through divine inspiration and guidance live on. It is a gift to let the creator of the universe use you touch others and show them Christ’s love.