UNSHACKLED is a Christian street punk band out of El Paso, which has released their full-length album “The Overcoming Years” on Thumper Punk Records and Caustic Fallout. The bands unique Stompworship melds Praise with an amalgam of different punk rock subculture sounds from Hardcore to Streetpunk, all to the backbeat of a million tumbleweeds thundering at warp speed. Bringing together a message of Hope, Truth and Roots, “The Overcoming Years” captures UNSHACKLED’s energy and fun, as it brings hope to those on life’s dead-end roads.

Hailing from Texas, UNSHACKLED features Joe Straightedge (vocals), Connor Himself (Guitar-1 & Lead/Backing Shrieks & Screams), Tick St. Grave (Guitar-A & Lead/Backing Cries & Calls), Issac Espinoza (Bass & Backing Growls & Grumbles), and Eddie Trejo (Pops, Booms, Bangs & Crashes). For fans of The Havoc, Officer Negative, Minor Threat, Warzone and The Oppressed, the boys of UNSHACKLED are primed for war and ready to get this rebellion started. A promotional video can be seen below.

The Overcoming Years” is now available for CD order from the Thumper Punk Records. The first 100 CD jewel cases will come in a limited edition, handmade stenciledUNSHACKLED pocket patch and album poster. UNSHACKLED’s CD release party is at The Spot, 9068 Socorro, El Paso, Texas on Saturday, August 6.