Today THE GREAT COMMISSION’s new album “Heavy Worship” has been unleashed upon the masses, so what a better way of celebrating than sitting down for a chat with Angela from the band.

It seems that The Great Commission has found a new home within the ranks of the new “ANGR” record label along with some other great hardcore acts such as Sleeping Giant. Can you talk with us about the new label?

The new label is a breath of fresh air seeing how we are the first two bands on the label, everything is uncharted territory. This will allow God to take us somewhere new. We are very stoked to be a part of ANGR Records and are looking forward to the future.

Can you tell us a little bit about The Great Commission’s new video, “Draw the Line”?

Draw The Line is about the battle we all face with our flesh and temptations. There comes a point in our lives and with all believers where we need to “Draw The Line” and consciously make a permanent decision to not take part in the sin that we are being convicted about. In the video you see the main character arrive at a party with his girlfriend. Once there, he realizes that he never wanted to be there in the first place and shouldn’t have come. All his “friends” are drunk and on drugs and trying to drag him down with them. Eventually he discovers that his girlfriend is cheating on him. It’s at that point that he “Draws The Line” and makes a decision to not take part in the lust, drugs, and alcohol that God was convicting him about all along.

I have your first album “And Every Knee Shall Bow” in my own personal music collection. It’s hard not to notice the new additions to The Great Commission’s style after listening to the new single. One such addition is the clean vocal lines during the chorus. Can we expect the musical style of “Draw the Line” throughout the new record, “Heavy Worship”?

Heavy Worship is definitely a more complex record than our first album. There are more songs like Draw The Line and then there are other songs that are just straight HEAVY like our first album. Overall we kept the same signature TGC style throughout the record but infused new choruses and contemporary worship influences. We wanted the worship power that you would feel from a group like Hillsong United but with a HEAVY WORSHIP style.

What is the band’s favorite song off “Heavy Worship”?

The favorites amongst our members vary, but I (Angela) would have to say that my favorite 2 songs are “Don’t Go To Church Be The Church” and “Reap What You Sow.” Already, the songs are a lot of fun to play but I stand so strongly behind the lyrical message that they mean a lot to me. Both songs lyrically Call Out all the hypocrites that are turning people away from who Jesus really was and how he ministered.

The Great Commission has gained a reputation as quite the touring band. Can you tell us a little bit about some of your most memorable experiences on the road?

We’ve definitely seen a lot of interesting things on the road. We can’t really pinpoint one instance but any type of spiritual breakthrough with our fans and the people we meet at our shows is always memorable to us. Overall each tour is a new adventure. You never know what you are going to face or how God is going to choose to move.

You guys are very bold and vocal about your faith. Do you ever catch any flack for your Christian stance while touring?

Of course. I think that any believer that is sincere, open, and BOLD about their faith is going to receive flack. It’s biblical. Jesus said that we will receive persecution for representing his name, that there will be great sorrows, but to TAKE HEART because he has overcome the world. If you’re not stirring things up then you might not be pro active enough in your faith. Sometimes people are going to be offended, sometimes people are going to take things wrong, but that will never  stop us or slow down our ministry.

Are there any upcoming tours planned in support of the new album release on July 12th?

Yes! We will be announcing a headlining tour  for the album very soon. We will be making our way to NY for iMatter Fest so if you live in the area, we are looking forward to seeing you!

What does the band do when you are not on the road?

We are very involved in our church body. We attend services 3 times a week. There we are on the Praise and Worship teams, and are Youth Leaders. When we aren’t at church and aren’t practicing or writing new material, we like to go to the movies, hang out at the beach, and of course go to Disneyland!

The Hardcore scene seems to be a very crowded place these days within the Christian realm.  However, it is obvious that your band has quickly risen above many other similar acts.  What is it that makes The Great Commission stand apart from it’s peers?  What makes your band different than the rest?

We take pride in our faith and our hard work. We are willing to preach the messages that others may hesitate to but at the same time love and befriend others that Christian bands wouldn’t even consider talking to. Also, let’s point out the obvious, we have 3 guitar players, have a lot of energy on stage, and I’m a woman…which in this genre isn’t as common.

Thank you so much for your time from Untombed Webzine and myself. In closing, could you please sum up the mission and purpose of “The Great Commission” for our readers?

Our purpose as a band is to fulfill the mission that Jesus has commissioned ALL believers to take part in. To take the good news of Christ out to the nations and the world. We want to provide HEAVY Worship for the world and show the rest of the church that is ok to worship God through Heavy Music.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming tour dates! Hope to see everyone at a show soon!

Interview by: Dusty Murphy