Visual CliffCollective Spirit
Trinity Records – 2010

Prog group Visual Cliff returns with their 5th full-length release Collective Spirit. Vocalist Shane Lankford (Orphan Project and Fall of Echoes) and guitarist Rob Perez (Fall of Echoes, Sonic Martyr and Overture Divine) are joined by a solidified line-up of drummer Thomas Schuffert, bassist David Michael (Overture Divine and Promise Land) and keyboardist Mike Florio.  Similar to Freedom Within, the album has three vocal tracks and five instrumental tracks.  “Bone From Marrow”, the first instrumental track, starts off the album very well with some great guitar work by Rob with the keyboard adding a nice atmosphere while the bass and drum keep things moving.  “Exposed” is the first vocal track .  It’s nice and crunchy with Shane providing his smooth vocals to juxtapose the crunchiness.  We then get “Sweet Conviction”, another instrumental.  It’s mellower than “Bone” but the high level of musicianship of the band is really shown with no instrument really out-playing another.  They really know how to keep the band-sound as opposed to a guitarist-based band.  We then get the two remaining vocal tracks – “Perspective” and “Turning of the Gears”.  “Perspective” has a nice groove to it which really makes Shane’s vocals shine through.  “Turning of the Gears” reminds me a bit of some Orphan Projects songs from their first album – haunting yet alluring.  The album closes out with the three remaining instrumentals – “Shema”, “In My Savior’s Arms” and “Confessions In Time”.  “Shema” is yet another hauntingly beautiful song with Rob providing some inspiring and moving guitar riffs.  “In My Savior’s Arms” follows and is a great showcase for Mike Florio and his mastery of the keys.  This is a true and heart-felt worship song.  “Confessions In Time” closes out the album with more crunchy goodness.  Rob’s guitarwork is accentuated by Mike playing a hammond organ, giving a bit of an old-school feel.  Another great thing about this is how tight they are, which is showcased when they will stop for just a second and then all start back up without missing a beat.  The variety of the album keeps it fresh.  If you like prog rock, you’ll love this album.