It’s almost unfair for me to review this album because I love this band so I will give it my best shot.

Stairways is a classic, heavy metal, and hard rock band, hailing from England and has been together and retained three of its original members, Graeme Leslie (bass guitar and vocals), Pete Jennings (lead guitarist), and Andy Edwards (Drums), since 1993.

They began with the release of their debut album No Rest No Mercy which was an international success. Their other albums include Bleeding Heart, On Hallowed Ground, and The Other Side of Midnight which was highly successful for the band. Interregnum is Stairway’s fifth studio album. I have listened to this album 7-8 times and I can’t find any flaws in it. With Graeme’s killer vocals and great bass line, Andy’s solid drums, and the shredder himself, Pete on lead guitar. I fully expect Interregnum to follow suit and become as internationally successful as No Rest No Mercy.

I admire the fact that Stairway has never compromised their standards for Christ or their classic, hard rock style to produce classic metal. I can see this album on my top five list for 2010. Another brilliant album from Stairway.

Side note: I was taking a drive with my wife and we were listening to this album. My wife said “At least it’s not noise” which means it’s a great album. (by the way, my wife doesn’t like metal so that is high praise ).


Dale Huffman/Metal Pulse Radio

2 Responses to “ Stairway – Interregnum ”

  1. There is a definite “classic” feel to this release musically. Lyrically their is no doubt of the band’s Christian faith, without ever becoming overly cheesy or cliche.