David BensonI have been a fan of  David Benson for a long time so it was a great time doing this interview …David put out his first Album in 1993 with America Wake up (demo) .

1. Hi David, I hope all is well.Thank you for taking time out to do this interview

Your welcome Bro…. The pleasure is all mine Dale.

2. How did you get started in the music world?
I started out in the music world as a Promoter really, when I was 17 or 18 years old. My my true calling as a Christian Music Writer and Performer began in 1992. That is when I really started to get serious about doing Music Ministry.

3.How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before.

I think the description that was coined By Janne Stark of Sweden Rock Magazine best sums up the style of music I do, “Doom Oriented Hard Rock”!

4.I will bet a lot of people don’t know that you have a live album. Could you tell us about it?
The album was Recorded at a Festival appearance in Europe. I was not aware that they were tracking the album which would be my first Live Record, My Manager at the time, informed that this was indeed the case, Tracks were recorded. So I decided to send them to my friend Producer Neil Kernon. He checked all of the tracks out and told me they would make a great release. So I had Neil mix them for me, Neil is best know for his Live album work  on Judas Priest Unleashed In The East and Peter Gabriel Plays Live Albums.

5. What are you working on currently?
I have two things I am working on a New Doom Album which will be available this Spring 2011 , I will be doing a few tours in Europe to promote this new release. Then I will begin work on the new Dbeality after that which will be available early 2012.

David Benson6. Does it bother you that your vocals have been compared to Ozzy Osbourne?
No, It does not bother me at all, I count it as a blessing!

7. You did some work with Robert Sweet of D’Beality. Any future plans to work with him again?
Yes, I will be working with Robert on the new Dbeality album, Robert will be back to play drums again. The Album is being Produced By Neil Kernon also. I’m very excited about it.

8. Have you ever thought of releasing your old titles, Purpose of the Cross, Holy Psychotherapy and America Wake Up that have been out of print for years?
Funny that you should ask, INTENSE MILLENNIUM RECORDS will be re-issuing my back titles at some point. The first two re-issues will be “Holy Psychotherapy”and “Purpose Of The Cross” both will faeture bonus songs and previously unreleased material.

9. When you compose a song where do you get your ideas from and how do your songs evolve?
My ideas and foccus are to address the occult lyrically, Musically my inspiration come from how the tune feels and moves me, I rely on that very heavy when writing music. Also the core of my inspiration is my relationship with Jesus Christ!

10. Have you had any labels interested in the live album?
No , I have not, But maybe INTENSE MILLENNIUM RECORDS will issue this at some point, we’ll see. But in the meantime it is available through my Reverbnation Store as a Digital Download or Cd.

11. Will we be seeing David Benson playing any shows this summer?
I will be gearing up for a Fall Tour….Anyone interested in booking me can contact me @ following e-mail address davidbensonbooking2011@hotmail.com

12. What kind of things do you do when you are not playing music.
Just normal sorts of things, I value my relationships with the people around me, I fellowship a lot!

13. Any final thoughts, David?
I look forward to what 2011 has in store, I think it is going to be one the most exciting years yet in my musical career! I look forward to seeing you all out on the road!

Interview with Dale Huffman (Metal Pulse Radio) for Untombed.com

4 Responses to “ David Benson – Interview ”

  1. Diva83


    David Benson needs to take inventory of every area of his life and ask God to reveal any problems that may exist so he can make sure he is in the center of God’s will not his own will. David is a talented guy with potential if he would have focus on Christ and nothing else. Pray for him he has unlimited potential IN CHRIST ALONE!

  2. Metalcrosses7


    Hey webziners….I saw this guy at Cornetsone in 07 with the amazing Robert Sweet on drums, a unknown shredder with monster skills on guitar and a well known brutal bassist with godzilla like chops tearing it up onstage. The music was stellar but Bensons’ vocals were a train wreck. Oh well Ozzy can’t sing either but, people still dig him anyway so what difference does it make. Stay heavy dude!

  3. Rkjansky100


    What a poser and a loser! Find a real Christian rock star to interview not some dellusional wannabe!

    • John


      You rjjansky100 are the real “POSER”and instead why don,t you be a “man” grow a set of balls an do something worth with your life that gives God the Glory !