ExultetEXULTET project was created in October 2003 by mastermind Farz (all lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass & synth) and the drummer Argoth. The origin of the EXULTET word derives from the scroll of papyrus, diffuse in southern Italy and used in the Christian functions of XI Sec. The paintings were turned over regarding the written one, that allowed the Priest to read the hymn and to the believers low to watch the comment illustration.

EXULTET recorded their first demo/album Urbs Felix in the summer 2004. The concept describe the ancient Sicily battles between Saracens and Normans in the year 1000 and the sound can be described like a epic black metal with many folk elements inspired from Arabian & medieval tradition.

In July 2006 comes the second demo Requiem of a Dream but the material proposed is a collection of songs written before Urbs Felix and the sound is a symphonic black metal, different from the epic metal heard on debut. Argoth Unfortunately, for a left wrist injury (tendonitis), could not record the parts of drums but his help was invaluable for the Drum-Programming, recorded by Farz.

The third work Constantinopolis (EP) out in summer 2008. Lyrics describes the fall of famous Roman Capital of the Middle East in the year 1453 and various phases of the battle through the chronicle events and deeds of their characters. The absolute novelty is the use of Italian language, considered more appropriate to tell events with protagonists italian soldiers, including Giovanni Giustiniani Longo, captain and commander of the supreme defense of Constantinopolis. This album resumed the Arabic, folk and epic sound expressed in Urbs Felix.

ExultetThe new album I Soldati della Croce is out at the end of 2010 as promo album and was then introduced professionally in 2011 by Sullen Records. The lyrics, in Italian language, describes the long journey and the battles lived by the Christian knights to the conquest of Jerusalem in 1099, against the Islamic army. Enterprise known as “the first crusade”. The sound is very similar to the band’s past releases, then a melodic epic medieval black metal full of Middle Eastern folk atmospheres. Just close your eyes to be transported in the many fields of battle and harsh desert with protagonists the crusader & Turkish armies face to face in very bloody battles.

Soldati della Croce will be released in February via Sullen Records.
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2 Responses to “ Folk Metal band EXULTET sign with Sullen Records ”

  1. Jaison


    Really love this stuff. Just asking if some of the Sullen Records releases will be through Intense Millenium Records sometime. Some good bands here. This is excellent stuff!!!

  2. Anonymous


    The only band from Sullen that has been picked up by IMR is Hawthorn. I wouldn’t expect any others.