Finland based Death Metal band IMMORTAL SOULS have announced “The Requiem for the Art of Death” as the title of their upcoming new full length album, their first since 2007’s “Wintereich“.  No label or releases date have been announced yet.

The track listing will be as follows:

i. Art of Death act I: Soulbells
ii. Evil Believer
iii. Nuclear Winter
iv. I Wept
v. Absolution
vi. Art of Death act II: The Last Journey
vii. Reek of Rotting Rye
viii. Last Day on Earth
ix. Hypnotic Atrocity
x. Thought of Desolation
xi. One Last Withering Rose
xii. Art of Death act III: The Requiem of the Funeral Eve


4 Responses to “ IMMORTAL SOULS: “The Requiem for the Art of Death” Some Details Revealed ”

  1. Forced_entity


    Now this is a release I’m actually excited about!!!