The Violet Burning – The Story of Our Lives
Independent – 2011

The Violet Burning has been around for years. The band around singer / guitarist Michael Pritzl released their first album ‘Chosen’ in 1989. It has been around over 20 years and about 10 albums and it is almost impossible to imagine a scene without The Violet Burning. Although the question is whether the band really ever left the indie scene.

The past few years were a little more quiet. The band released a live album and a number of CDs of archive material (demo’s, live recordings, etc). The long wait is rewarded. The Violet Burning is back! Not with one CD, but with a 3-disc box set. The Story of Our Lives has up to 34 tracks split over 3 CDs: The Fantastic Machine, Black as Death, and Everything über Liebe.

The Fantastic Machine starts with a clear Violet Burning sound. Spherical, fragile, building to a driving rock song. It soon becomes apparent that the band has become much heavier. The band definitely seems inspired by The Smashing Pumpkins, but certainly doesn’t lose her own sound.
The album is a concept album. It’s a journey, a story we’re following. The theme of the first disc certainly seems to be about the battle between faith in God and the power of society. Light vs. Machine. In this case, told from a musician who was called to magnify God, but got trapped in ‘The Machine’. The main character of the story remains behind disappointed.

‘Black as Death’ rocks on with ‘My Name Is Night’. It is a dark album like the title says. An album that seamlessly follows ‘The Fantastic Machine’ and shows us the turbulence of (tour) Life. This is clearly reflected in the song ‘Maelstrom’. But also in songs like ‘Breakdown’ and ‘My Name Is Night’. The CD also shows the emptiness that we sometimes experience in life. But also the struggle to overcome this. Beautiful! As if Michael Pritzl added a few more songs to the book of Psalms.

The album continues with the beautiful song ‘In Ruin’ which exhales the grace and love of Jesus. Very nicely illustrated by the artwork where the light shines through the windows into a dilapidated house.

We continue the journey with disc 3 ‘Liebe über alles’. An album that musically is more subtle with tracks like ‘Mojave’, ‘The Light Poured down on me’, ‘Liebe über alles’ and ‘Change of Heart’. The main character seems to have found his peace again. He leaves the road full of setbacks, pain and effort and is on his way home. Back to basics. Back to God’s love, security, forgiveness, but also confirms that we are His children. The album closes with the beautiful 9 minute worship song Made For You.

This could well be the best album by The Violet Burning has ever released. At least as brilliant as their self-titled album released in 1996. ‘The story of our lives’ is also our story. We also have periods of struggle, sadness and emptiness. But we must know that God wants us to be fulfilled with his love. His love is ‘über alles’.

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The Story Of Our Lives:
1. Aurora
2. Where it All Begins
3. Lights Out
4. Graves (till the end)
5. br0thr part 1
6. Machine Beat Sabbatha
7. Imminent Collapse
8. There is No End
9. br0thr part 2 (the lights have gone)
10. I Don’t Belong
11. Firstborn From the Dead
12. the letting
13. The Fantastic Machine
14. the loudest sound in my heart
15. Leaving

Disc 2: Black as Death
1. My Name is Night
2. Maelstrom
3. Breakdown
4. Where Do We Belong?
5. Rock is Dead
6. Nowhere, CA
7. Sung
8. in Ruin
9. Lacuna

Disc 3: Liebe Über Alles
1. Mojave
2. mon désir
3. Finest Hour
4. the light poured down on me
5. Arc
6. I Caught Fire
7. Cardiac
8. Liebe über Alles
9. change of heart
10. made for You

Line up:
Michael Pritzl – Guitars, Vocals
Lenny Beh – Drums, Strings, Percussion, Vocals
Daryl Dawson – Bass


Review by: Sieto Kooijker

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  1. Abcd


    This is currently my favorite album.  I can put it on when I want to rock out, express anger or joy, or worship.  it is a lot different than previous Violet Burning albums but one of the best (if not the best) christian rock album ever – about equal to 3 Cool Hand Luke albums combined.