Various Artists – Warclub Records Compilation – The Killing Fields
Warclub Records – 2011

Warclub Records Compilation “The Killing Fields” is packed full of a variety of metal ranging from Death, Black, Punk, and even an influence of Gothic Metal. If you are a fan of Christian metal this will show you the promise of the future of Christian metal as most of the bands are new or unsigned and are up and coming.

The album starts off with the bone crushing sounds of A Hill To Die Upon and rarely relents in the devastating brutally heavy tunes. Stand out up and coming artists on this comp. are Your Chance To Die , Romero, The Synics Awakening, Christageddon and The Beckoning.

Your Chance To Die comes out with a new tune for the album and continues to surprise with the deep brutal even gutteral sounds of Missi and the double bass drum and crushing guitar riffs of this up and coming band. Broken Flesh then puts out their remix of “Forever In Flames” before slowing down shortly for Grave Robber does the cover of “Lion Of Judah” . Romero comes in with a solid sounds that crossed Death Metal with a variety of influences and vocals that boarder on Grind with a nice tight package. The Synics Awakening shows a much improved tighter sound with their new material and with cleaner keys and stronger drum and guitars and they show a lot of promise for their next effort.. Christageddon are one of the new comers to the scene and features a nice mix of Death and Thrash with extended guitar solos and a very strong drum beat that carries the song and compliments the brutal vocals. Whispers From Heaven has the longest track coming in at seven mintues and nineteen seconds and is the first Progressive/Death/Goth influenced band that I believe I have ever heard and really sets the closing tone with haunting female vocals and gutteral Death vocals that leave you wanting more as you go to the closing song by The Beckoning with at times haunting guitars and strong blackened vocals.

As far as I see it this compilation only has two downfalls. First the production on some of the tracks isn’t as good as on others and second I would love to see it have even more than the seventeen songs on it. All in All if you are looking for a good metal compilation that is filled with brutal metal with a touch of Punk and Goth then this is for you. This is a good compilation to showcase several new bands and it has a nice supporting cast of well known bands as well. And the price can’t be beat so I give this album a 5 out of 7.


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    Just got the ablum and definately have a much different view of this album. Production quality on the tracks varied but more to the advantage of the diversety of the album. What you will get with this album is 17 ultra brutal tracks my favorites being AHTDU, Fearscape, Obliteration, and Broken Flesh although the entire album is worth listening to all the way through multiple times. As long as you know your buying a cd of underground bands you will not be disapointed and would rate this cd as a 7 out of 7 for getting all these great bands together for the first warclub cd. I look forward to more music from this label and hope that they stay underground!