METAL FOR JESUS compilation album released to evangelize

The following is a Press Release by: Metal For Jesus

MetalForJesusAlbumCoverI (Johannes Jonsson/MetalForJesus Founder)strongly believe that it will have a great impact on the Metal World and be a tool to help many to get to know Christ and also to draw people that have lost faith back to Christ again. Amen.
The album is filled to the bone with bone-crushing world class Metal tunes with very strong Christ centered lyrics featuring some of the very best tracks with the bands Narnia, Golden Resurrection, Audiovision, Divinefire and Modest Attraction.

The album is a cooperation between me and Christian Liljegren (Liljegren Records, Narnia, Golden Resurrection) and we are really excited to let you know about it! We have really felt God’s guidance and presence when
making this album and we pray and believe that you will be blessed and inspired by it as well.

Please PRAY for this album! Pray that it will reach to many all around the world and make a huge impact for the kingdom of GOD in the Metal World and be tool to lead many Metal-heads to Christ and also be a tool to lead many that have left the faith back to Christ again.

The album will be heavily promoted in the Secular Metal world! It was prereleased on Sweden Rock on the Swedish National Day 6/6 and will be officially released on Liljegren Records later this Summer.

This is not just an album – it is a BOLD proclamation for the kingdom of God in the Metal World! We feel that in this cracy world we live in it is definately time to stand strong and get bold for what we Christians believe in and take a stand for JESUS in the Metal World!

This album is also top notch all the way and will be the perfect album to give away to your friends to let them know about Jesus and also works as a good introduction to Christian Metal.

The world is getting more chaotic every day and people are looking desperately for the meaning of life. But many search in all the wrong places and get trapped in drugs and other bad things. My heart is bleeding for these people and I really want to do ALL I can to reach them with the message of hope that Jesus can fill the emptiness in their lives and give their lives real meaning and satisfaction. That’s why I spend so much time, energy, money and work so hard that I do with Christian Metal Ministries like The Metal Bible, The Metal For Jesus Page, Christian Metalheads International, Prayer Warriors, Metal Community and now also the Metal For Jesus album. Because I want more people to find Christ and be saved for eternity!

Narnia – People of the Bloodred Cross
Narnia – Living Water
Narnia – Long Live The King
Audiovision – The Way
Audiovision – We Will go
Divinefire – Divinefire
Divinefire – Live My Life For You
Golden Resurrection – Proud To Wear The Holy Cross
Modest Attraction – Down On My Knees
Golden Resurrection – The Final Day
Golden Resurrection – God’s Mercy
Divinefire – Never Surrender
Golden Resurrection – Flaming Youth
Golden Resurrection – Golden Resurrection
Divinefire – Open Your Eyes
Divinefire – Bright Morning Star
Divinefire – The Way To Eternity

All tracks have been remastered to give you the best possible sound quality.

Lots of prayer have been going into this album to make sure that the right tracks were chosen and right comments written so that it should be everything God wanted it to be. We want Jesus to be glorified and we dedicate this album to Him! Focus on the album is totally on God and what Christian faith is all about. Booklet contains salvation prayer and comments by me where I explain the lyrics and talk about God’s mercy, why Jesus is the only way to God, second coming of Jesus, prayer and how to get to know Jesus and overall what true Christian faith is all about.

To sum it up The Metal For Jesus album is a great ministry tool and a perfect gift to your unsaved friend to let him/her know about Christ and introduce them to quality Christian Metal.

In His Service
Johannes Jonsson

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