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Tom Metcalf
Islander- Side Effects of Youth EP
Album Review: Islander – Side Effects of Youth EP
July 31st, 2013
Islander: Side Effects of Youth (EP) Reviewed by: Tom Metcalf Talk about a kick to the face! The band Islander came out of nowhere for me. I came to know
Eric Strother
Born Twice Records
Album Review: Stronghold – Fortress Rock (Remastered)
July 24th, 2013
Stronghold – Fortress Rock (Remastered) Reviewed by: Eric Strother If you are like me, you had never heard of Stronghold or their 1982 release Fortress Rock until this remastered reissue
Sieto Kooijker
album review
Album Review: Paramore – Paramore
July 23rd, 2013
Paramore – Paramore Reviewed by: Sieto Kooijker I can hardly believe it, but, Paramore is close to a tenth anniversary already! The band was formed in 2004 and released their
Sieto Kooijker
False Idle
Album Review: False Idle – Threat
June 6th, 2013
False Idle – Threat Reviewed by: Sieto Kooijker   If you have been in the punk scene long enough then you’ve probably heard of Thumper Punk Records. If so, without
Jeff de los Santos
Album Review: My Silent Wake – Silver Under Midnight
June 5th, 2013
My Silent Wake – Silver Under Midnight Reviewed by: Jeff de los Santos   My Silent Wake returns with their latest death/doom offering via Bombworks Records – Silver Under Midnight. 
Sieto Kooijker
Essential Records
Album Review: Red – Release The Panic
May 26th, 2013
Red – Release The Panic Reviewed by: Sieto Kooijker   The band Red doesn’t need much introduction. After having two Grammy nomination, winning 5 Dove Awards and selling around a
Sieto Kooijker
Killing Goliath
Album Review: Killing Goliath – S/T
May 26th, 2013
Killing Goliath – S/T Reviewed by: Sieto Kooijker   Killing Goliath is self-described on their Facebook as being founded with “the purpose to make honest, fast and passionate hardcore”. This
Tom Metcalf
Stryper Second Coming
Album Review: Stryper- Second Coming
May 15th, 2013
Stryper- Second Coming By: Tom Metcalf First of all, as a long time Stryper Fan I was really anticipating on hearing this album. Not only do I get to hear
Eric Strother
album review
Album Review: Antestor – Omen
May 15th, 2013
Antestor: Omen By: Eric Strother When a band reemerges after an extended hiatus, the jubilation of the fans is often tempered with the question “do they still have ‘it’?” In