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Interview: Faithbomb
By: Dale Huffman

FaithbombPromoI see you guys are back. What has Faithbomb been up-to for the last 11 years? Are there any changes within the band lineup?
The lineup is much the same as it has been. We had Chad again playing drums on this record. He played on most of Bleed. Mike Price was a big player on this album. He played bass on everything this time around.. Chris also came back to contribute a few things and M.T. and Mike Griffen were both involved at different times. The only addition is Burk Moprphew. He added a couple of guitar solos for us.

‘Bleed’ came out in 2002; why 11 years between albums?
I was just in no hurry. Once I walked away, back in 2003, I was done. I was not interested in finishing the recordings we had started. After all the turmoil in my personal life, several years later, I decided to get it going again. After that, it was just a long process of aligning schedules. Plus, we wanted to be the next Guns N Roses.

Could you tell us about the new release, ‘Abandon In Place’?
The new album is our best yet. Bands always say that, but I believe it is true for us. It is the best sounding stuff we’ve ever done. This is the last album we’re doing, so, I wanted it to be the best. It’s my most ‘personal’ lyrics to date. I just wrote what I felt at the time. I think people will like it. It’s got elements of Alice In Chains, old school heavy FAITHBOMB, Queensryche, and a few others all mixed in there. We are all really proud of it

Where can we pickup the new album?
The physical CD will only be available directly from me. Hit me up if you want a CD. Just go to our Facebook page and message me. I can do PAYPAL or money orders. You’ll be able to download it everywhere online, iTunes, Amazon, and all the usual places.

Faithbomb_AbandonInPlaceWhat is there any special mean behind the title for the new album ‘Abandon in Place’?
I cam up with the album title years ago. I knew that the band was basically ‘done’, ten years ago, when we were writing for this album. I knew we’d never play again. I knew it was the last album. At the time, I needed to walk away from it. It seemed a fitting title. It also plays into some of the personal things I’ve gone through in the last decade. Lots of personal change for me.

Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?
Well, the writing has always been a collective effort. They have ideas, I have ideas. We just mash it all together until we have completed songs. It’s a pretty simple process. Usually the music is finished and I write the lyrics after the music is ready to go.

Why is Faithbomb calling it quits with this last release?
I was done with it back in 2003 after our last show in Houston. No big mysteries. I was just done with it. Nobody is mad. We’re all friends. I was just tired of it taking up so much time. I wanted to do other things. I had been recording us and other bands for 10 years straight and I got burned out. It also costs so much to play live. I was tired. I wanted to do MonsterTurckWizard, which I did. I completely got away from recording and playing for years and it was good.

Will there be touring support with this release?
No live shows. We haven’t even all been in the same room together for 10 years.

Since the band is done, what do you want people to say or think about Faithbomb?
Man, I really don’t know. We were barely a blip on the radar. We didn’t really fit the Christian band mold in many ways, especially as we progressed through the albums. Honestly, I just want people to enjoy the music. The lyrics I wrote were all very personal, and really so on Bleed and Abandon In Place. If somebody “gets” the lyrics and digs the music, that’s really what it’s all about with music. We didn’t want to have an agenda really. I just don’t think of myself as talented. The other guys in the band are fantastic! I really just wanted to do all this and so I did. I guess I don’t really care what they think of us as long as they DO think of us!

Rob, I know this question is not about the band or the album, but, I wanted to ask.. Why did you sell Bombworks Records. a few years back?
I sold the label for many reasons. Most of them I can’t discuss publicly. It needed to happen. The business model wasn’t followed and it just wasn’t working for me anymore. I miss being in touch with all the bands. I do still keep up with Ian Arkley and the Dagon guys.

What’s the most bizarre thing to happen while you were onstage?
Well, I’ve tossed my mic into the audience accidentally. I’ve jumped off a drum riser and fallen flat on my back. I’ve also been tangled in the mic cord and knocked over all the mic stands on stage.

Thank you very much for your time, Rob. Any final words?
No final words, man. Nobody wants to hear what I have to say anyway! Ha! It’s been fun. I’ve made lifelong friends. I’ve had great experiences and learned a lot along the way. I miss the fans and I’m really appreciative that we can stay in contact with everyone on Facebook. Lastly, I’m positively stoked that there is interest in a new Faithbomb album, ‘Abandon In Place’.


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