Interview with Rivera Bomma and NEW Single debut

Rivera Bomma

Interview: Rivera Bomma
By: Dale Huffman

Before the big debut, Dale chats with Rod Rivera about the upcoming album release and gets the latest scoop on what the band has in-store.

1.Give me a quick recap of how Rivera Bomma got started?
Around 12 years ago Johnny and I met thru a mutual friend and awesome jazz guitarist,  Don DePaola. I was working on my solo record and needed a Ronnie James Dio type vocalist for a ballad called “Cry of love” (Later release on our first album: Invisible Force) .We hit it off instantly; it was like we have known each other our whole lives. We then held off on my solo album to write a few more songs together and that’s how Rivera Bomma was born.

2.Let’s talk about the new album you are working on. Who is working with you on it?
We have the incredible, awesome, musician, and a true blessing, Mr. Mike LePond of progressive metal titans Symphony X on Bass. Also, our old friend and original drummer, Eddie Faust. (He also played with Danger Dangers). Eddie is a manic, awesome drummer!! Then, of course, we have Johnny B on lead vocals and myself on guitars and keyboards.

3.When will the release date be for the new album?
That’s the million-dollar question everyone wants to know!! At the moment we don’t have any confirmation from label and we are still negotiating deals. We are hopeful by Christmas time we will have “I.J.O.S. “ released. The good news is that a single is coming out and we are currently booking shows in support of the new album. We will keep all the fans up to date on our facebook page.

4.I noticed that you guys often refer to the album title as “I.J.O.S.”. Can you tell us what the initials stand for?  
“I.J.O.S.” is short for: Infinite Journey of Souls

5.What do you hope to accomplish through I.J.O.S?
Well, we really want to promote it to people that still don’t know about R/B and, of course, we want to continue to rock with our old fans. We want to tour more, play more, meet more people and rock & roll more!! We have an awesome live band and the fans are gonna love the 2012-2013 Rivera Bomma Live show.

6.What role does God play in the band and in your life personally?
God has been the foundation to this band. We believe in God and He is our pilot. We our blessed to be given the opportunity to reach people world wide with the music that God have inspired us with. He is our Lord and Savior!!! We are a rock & roll band that believes in our maker; the Lord Jesus Christ.

7.You mentioned that you have already begun booking show dates. Will we see the R/B schedule tour dates soon?
Yes, We are still currently booking and finalizing National & International dates. If any promoters are interested in booking R/B they can contact our booking agent Mark from Silent Planet Promotions 2.0

8.Thank you for taking time to do this interview with me. Do you have any parting words of wisdom for our readers?
We want our readers and listeners to know that, with God anything is possible and nothing is impossible. God is the only way to heaven, Our Lord is only a prayer away !! Thank you guys and gals soooooooooo much for the years of support with Rivera Bomma. We hope to see you and meet you all soon. ‘Infinite Journey of Souls’ is the best music we have recorded. We know it is gonna rock your world, we can’t wait for you all to play it loud. Tell your friends about us.
Blessings and Always Rock & Roll!
– Rod Rivera

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