Update: October 25, 2013:
Bloodgood signs with DooLittle Group AB for European and South East Asian territory

Official Statement by Doolittle Group AB:

“I am very happy to announce that DooLittle Group AB have signed with US Christian Metal Icons Bloodgood and their upcoming new album “Dangerously Close” Release date 29 November 2013 for the European and South East Asian territory! Oz Fox from Stryper is also playing with Bloodgood. Are you ready to rock!!!”

Update: October 19, 2013:
Bloodgood: Official Music video release: ‘Lamb of God’

September 20, 2013: Bloodgood: Dangerously Close – Track List And Updates

On September 19, 2013, Bloodgood released the Official track list for their highly anticipated upcoming release “Dangerously Close”
This is Bloodgood’s first studio album in 22 years, leaving fans with high expectation.

From the band concerning the release date:


According to Bloodgood’s official website, there will be a delay in releasing the album to mainstream distribution.
Here is the official release stated by the band:

We have delayed our plans for mainstream distribution of “Dangerously Close” in order to honor a clause in Stryper’s record deal. We are still planning to make both the CD and downloads available on October 31, but only through the BLOODGOOD website. We hope to have an official release sometime later this fall.
We will keep you informed as issues are resolved. Please stay tuned for the latest information and happenings.

Official Track List:

1) Lamb of God
2) Run Away
3) Child On Earth
4) I Will
5) Bread Alone
6) Pray
7) I Can Hold On
8) Run The Race
9) Father Father
10) Man In The Middle
11) Crush Me
12) In The Trenches


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