Roxx Records & Metal for a Dark World team up to release compilation Thrashmageddon Vol 1.


The follow was an official Roxx Records Press Release:

Roxx Records and Metal for a Dark World Records have teamed up to bring you a very special compilation that will thrash the denim and leather right off of you!

Thrashmageddon Volume 1 is destined to become a thrash classic for years to come! Featuring some of the best new thrash metal out there and even a couple surprises!

Including the brand new lead off track from classic thrashers DELIVERANCE by way of a previously unreleased demo version of the track ‘The Annals of Subterfuge’ which is soon to be released on their brand new and final album entitled ‘Hear What I Say!’

As well as some classic new tunes from Join The Dead, Ultimatum, Tsavo Inc, Boarders, Step Cousin and many more!

Track List:

1.Deliverance – The Annals of Subterfuge (from the forthcoming album ‘Hear What I Say’)
2.Join the Dead – Idol Faith
3.Ultimatum – Blood on a Thousand Hills
4.Tsavo Inc. – Immunodeficiency
5.Boarders – IV Reich
6.Kyrius – Cara a Cara (Face to Face) (Previously Unreleased)
7.Step Cousin – Bitter Reminder
8.Disaffection – Prepare to Die (Previously Unreleased)
9.Divulgence – The Swarm of Eden
10.Last Rites – Wisdom of Job
11.Puritan – Faixa De Gaza
12.Supresion – Total Thrashing
13.Truster – A.C.D. (Attack Against The Devil)
14.Temple of Blood – Fearsome Warrior (Remastered)
15.Spirit’s Breeze – Another Day
16.ESDRASH – Suicidio N.E.L.S
17.Moshketeers – Internal Torment (Previously Unreleased)

There you have it 17 rock your face off, metal melting thrashterpieces! And if you noticed the last track is a Long Lost never-before-released classic track from one of the best underground thrash bands in the scene back in the late 80’s, none other than the Moshketeers!

This album will be available in a strictly Limited Edition one time only pressing CD and digital versions on November 26, 2013!

For details and pre-orders visit Roxx Productions: and also Metal for a Dark World:


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